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From BRO to Know- An Adobe Marketo Cinderella Story

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This past week Garett Meznarich, Marketo practice director at Perficient, got to sit down and hear from Brandon Ratliff, digital marketing operations leader at Qualcomm and Kalie Nitzsche, Marketo sales manager at Adobe, to discuss lessons learned throughout their digital experience build-out with Adobe Marketo.

Post webinar we were able to further digest some of the major takeaways. From ‘BRO (baby rolling over) to Know’, using data to fuel action, and stepping into more holistic operational approaches, tune in to this real-world Marketo success story for the full scoop.

The Humanization of the B2B World

Who would have thought that treating each other like humans, breaking down corporate silos, and offering top-of-the-line optimized journeys for businesses and customers alike would become the standards for operating in the B2B market? With a shift towards online calling, teleconferencing, and greater time working from home, companies around the globe, across all industries, have been forced to reconsider how they operate in an ever-changing world. For one of the first times in human history we, globally, can recognize the opportunity for reinvention. It’s clear digital experiences and campaigns must provide buyers the experiences they’re used to as consumers as the baseline.

As Brandon Ratliff expressed, B2B and B2C traditionally were placed into two buckets. Today, these buckets have been spilled and the landscape in which we are operating is a mixed bag, making the approach in how we market to B2B and B2C personas smaller.

Corporate marketing, for a long time, has held the connotation of a profession associated with suits, ties, and an assertive demeanor. For those determined to survive and thrive in a changing B2B environment, embracing paradigm shifts has started to occur. We have first accepted that digital ways of doing business are here to stay with its personal at-home touches. We can now interact with various stakeholders for shorter durations, monitor frequency, be more responsive, and take a more holistic approach to understanding and operating business.

For anyone in the B2B space that has dealt with marketing processes that require many bells and whistles, these new processes have expanded conversation, strategy building, and refinement of overall processes. This collaboration both internally and in B2B relations has created palpable synergies that will only continue to grow.

Leveling Up Your Customer Journey

Tying back in Brandon’s aforementioned acronym, ‘BRO to know’, clients reaching out in the hopes of technological transformation raise their hands at different maturity levels or phases of ‘infancy,’ also more commonly referred to as the ‘crawl-walk-run’ approach to technology adoption. As Kalie Nitzsche shared on where Adobe Marketing is heading in the future, Marketo can be a great solution as a first step, emphasizing that the foundation you build upon is critical.

Qualcomm, a well-known technology leader, realized that it needed to provide an enhanced digital experience in order to maintain its competitive edge. Creating this digital experience meant the company needed to address some fundamentals, such as ensuring its customer database and marketing automation platform were aligned to identify and monitor prospects at each stage of the buying journey. ​

We helped Qualcomm with its digital transformation to build a unified digital experience and personalized buyer’s journey with Adobe Marketo and expand to the full Adobe stack.

Additionally, we are seeing the Perficient and Adobe partnership foster this leveling-up approach in the healthcare space.

Perficient’s Adobe Expertise

With humanization at the forefront of business operating models, the past two years have propelled us further into a dynamically connected world. Our Marketo-certified experts are ready to provide you with high-quality repeatable results every time so your business can quickly grow and adapt to market needs while maximizing your investments, leading you into the competitive B2B landscape of tomorrow.

Our Marketo team is proud to be the first in the world recognized by Adobe as Marketo Engage Specialized.

Because of our partnership, Qualcomm now benefits from streamlined marketing operations and connected marketing and sales teams. Additionally, the company grew an audience of tech-savvy enthusiasts and increased brand awareness.

Thank you for joining us as we shared this real-world B2B success story- tune in to the webinar below for more!

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Nicole Onate

Nicole Onate is a Marketing Manager at Perficient. As a part of the Partner Marketing team, she is aligned with and supports the Adobe practice. With 6 years of experience in the consulting world covering a myriad of industries including insurance, retail, and digital marketing experiences, she hopes to deliver knowledge that helps corporations and individuals share their stories.

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