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People of Perficient: Meet Lindsey Rhead, Lead Technical Consultant

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I recently sat down with one of our lead technical consultants, Lindsey Rhead. Lindsey has expertise in topics relating to the social determinants of health and a passion to influence meaningful change. I enjoyed hearing more about her position at Perficient and the role Perficient plays in creating a more equitable healthcare industry, and I’m sure you will too.

Lindsey, thank you so much for joining me today. Can you tell me a bit about your role at Perficient and how you leverage your expertise in areas around health equity to impact our clients?

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Lindsey, her fiancé, Dan, and her dog, Charlie around the Christmas tree.

My role is focused on helping clients meet their data and analytics goals. I do this by collaborating with them to define needs, overcome obstacles, and implement and manage a solution. I lead clients toward a solution. Then, I help them implement applications, systems, and processes to help customers gain insight and value based on data and analytics to solve clinical and business problems.

On a typical project, I work directly with clients to ensure a full understanding of business needs and requirements. I work with internal teams and client teams to strategize solutions based on data and healthcare requirements and deliver actionable insights to improve business processes.

I leverage my expertise in the areas of social determinants of health, health inequity, and other emerging health policy insights to provide thought leadership and drive meaningful change for our clients and within the healthcare system.

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What do you value about your work at Perficient now? What are your goals for growing in your role for the future?

I love that my role is so flexible and versatile. My skills are utilized in new ways. I have the privilege of helping our clients bring their vision to a successful solution that solves their problems and drives change in healthcare organizations. Everyone I work with has taught me something new – clients and colleagues. I have the ability to try new roles and tasks with the support of my team.

The healthcare team champions our colleagues and celebrates any member of the team succeeding, whether it’s a personal, professional, small, or large success.

I’ve always strived to make a difference in people’s lives through my work in healthcare. In my previous roles, I was able to work directly with physician organizations to help them reduce their cost of care and provide quality care. At Perficient, I am excited to be able to work more closely with payers, hospital systems, universities, and physician organizations, to help improve data efficacy, understanding, and strategic growth.

Our biggest change will come from our payers in the way they structure their health care offerings and participation requirements. If I can help even one organization improve their current programs by becoming more data driven, I believe we will see a ripple effect on the quality of care for our communities. Perficient offers me the opportunity to make a larger impact to patient care!

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How did you come to work for our global digital consultancy? In your time here, what have you found makes Perficient a special place to work?

Prior to working for Perficient, I worked in managed care, with managed services organizations. I worked in this space for several years and wanted to try something new. I was looking for a new environment to utilize my skills. My work had always been consultative in nature, but I was never truly a consultant. It seemed like the perfect pivot for me. It seemed like a way to enhance and grow my current skill set and learn so much more.

I know I made the right choice with Perficient. Our leadership focuses on my career growth and trajectory. I value that they work with me to achieve goals along the way. I had always heard that working in consulting was very stressful with crazy hours, but I do not feel like this is true at Perficient. At Perficient, I have a great work-life balance!

I have been welcomed into this company by everyone I’ve worked with. In my short time here, I feel as though I am developing strong relationships with my colleagues. I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone and tasked with learning new skills, but I never felt like I was on an island or lacking support. I’m given space to learn and grow, but still have security and support from my team. I have so much opportunity for learning and growth at Perficient, and believe I will be here for many years to come.

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Based on your experience with diversity and inclusion in the healthcare space, what do you think these words should mean to an organization. How does Perficient uphold these values?

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Lindsey and her fiancé visiting family in Florida

Diversity and inclusion are more than a mission statement, they should be a part of all interactions. We all have slip-ups and learning to do. It is important that our environment (work or personal) allows for education, growth, and redemption. Diversity and inclusion should be a focus for daily interactions, but also for the big picture. We must ask ourselves, “how is the work I’m doing with my client going to promote diversity and inclusion in their workplace, in their patient population, in their program development?”

To truly live your values of diversity and inclusion, you have to show up every day and ask yourself “how are my interactions promoting diversity and inclusion today” and then strive to do better than yesterday. I believe it’s important to do more than speak about being an equal opportunity employer or valuing women in the workplace. It needs to be shown and lived!

Perficient is a company that genuinely lives its values! From the first day at Perficient, my training focused first on our company’s culture and second on the job. While that may seem backwards, I believe Perficient understands that culture is the most important thing for an employee to thrive and stay with the company.

I’ve seen genuine support and appreciation for colleagues in daily interactions. I’ve seen team support and celebration during meetings, employee resource groups for underrepresented communities, and charity work. Having an employee resource group focused on women in technology that actually promotes and engages in the growth of women in the technology space was a breath of fresh air I hadn’t realized I was missing. I have often been one of the few women in the room talking data and technology. I have experienced my share of challenges, from having my knowledge around data and developing data-driven strategies be underestimated by clients, to having my work minimized by colleagues and peers.

I remember calling my parents after learning of the Women in Technology group and sharing how I feel valued as a woman in this space at Perficient, how I feel like I have so much opportunity to grow and develop my career at Perficient because they genuinely value women in their company, and in their space.

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Healthcare Leaders Turn to Us

Our healthcare practice is comprised of experts who understand the unique challenges facing the industry. The 10 largest health systems and 10 largest health insurers in the U.S. have counted on us to support their end-to-end digital success. Modern Healthcare has also recognized us as the fourth largest healthcare IT consulting firm.

We bring pragmatic, strategically-grounded know-how to our clients’ initiatives. And our work gets attention – not only by industry groups that recognize and award our work but also by top technology partners that know our teams will reliably deliver complex, game-changing implementations. Most importantly, our clients demonstrate their trust in us by partnering with us again and again. We are incredibly proud of our 90% repeat business rate because it represents the trust and collaborative culture that we work so hard to build every day within our teams and with every client.

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Perficient is a trusted, end-to-end, global digital consultancy.


It’s no secret our success is because of our people. No matter the technology or time zone, our colleagues are committed to delivering innovative, end-to-end digital solutions for the world’s biggest brands, and we bring a collaborative spirit to every interaction. We’re always seeking the best and brightest to work with us. Join our team and experience a culture that challenges, champions, and celebrates our people.

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