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Strategy and Transformation

Strategy For the Real World: How Leaders Make Smart Decisions Today


If there’s one thing leaders have in common right now, it’s the need to harness the power of digital to create new value for customers and employees, while at the same time managing the profound changes likely to accompany these new opportunities.

This requires a cohesive digital strategy. But unlike traditional strategies that attempt to predict the future, planning horizons for strategic roadmaps have become shorter and shorter as markets become more and more fluid. An effective strategy needs to be adaptable and grounded in the pragmatic realities of actually executing on that strategy.

This reality is why we’ve changed our approach to strategy and transformation. It’s continuous and iterative, with cycles that feed real-world insights back into strategy decisions in real time.

We call it strategy for the real world.

Organizations that want to make the most of their digital opportunity should also adjust their strategies to accommodate for this new reality and focus their efforts on key areas needed to reach their digital ambitions.

We see these key focus areas as:

Digital Business Transformation

Leading organizations are bold and disruptive. They are exploring new opportunities, defining their future vision and roadmaps, proving value and ROI, aligning their leadership teams, and making the case for digital investment.

Perficient: Digital Strategy Experts
The Future is Digital

Becoming digital is the surest way for you to understand your customers' needs and meet their expectations. Learn how Perficient can help anticipate what's ahead for you and your customer with a digital strategy centered around empathy, alignment, and agility.

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Technology Transformation

Digitally mature organizations are constantly rethinking their core technologies, considering new ones, and determining how to scale them across their enterprise. All while getting the most from the people, platforms, and data they already have in place.

Organizational Change

The only constant is change, and organizations should prepare their teams to adopt new ways of working. This includes rethinking their operating models so they can get the most out of their people, grow new skills, and introduce new ways of working.

Business Velocity

Digital leaders understand how to streamline fundamental processes and supply chains, have a clear picture of financials and analytics, and understand their company OKRs and KPIs, in order to optimize and accelerate their business.

We’ve organized our Strategy and Transformation offering to mirror these key areas and better align to what digital leaders should be focusing on to change, grow, and run their businesses.

A Deeper Look at Envision – Our Approach

While you’re creating solutions for today, you also can’t lose sight of defining a future. That’s why we use our Envision framework to blend the visionary with the pragmatic to help you rapidly identify opportunities, define a customer-focused vision, and develop a prioritized roadmap to transform your business.

Our nine-part video series highlights our Envision approach, which helps our clients use real-world insights to make strategy decisions in real time.

Insights: Powered by real-world outcomes and data-driven tools, we quickly spotlight what matters most to you and your customers.

Ideas: We rapidly design and innovate big ideas that guide your vision and inspire your teams for the future.

Investment: Vision without execution is a daydream, so we align your resources and ideas to get to market as fast as possible.

So, whether you need expertise in changing, growing, or running your business — or all three — we can help you prepare a strategic agenda that gets you to the future fast — without losing sight of the needs of today.

Contact us to get started on your real-world strategy.

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