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Getting Personal in B2B: How Qualcomm Engaged Brand Enthusiasts [Webinar]

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There’s a perception (among some) in the marketing community that campaigns and tactics should be strategized and executed differently whether your organization focuses on B2B or B2C audiences. Contrary to this belief, results published in a recent Forrester study indicate that B2B-focused organizations need to let go of this idea.

Buying journey interactions have soared from 2019 to 2021, according to this study, with “online research, conversations with providers, and other steps to learn about offerings or vendors jumped nearly 60%.”

“The critical nature of business purchases during the pandemic – along with people working from home and having more time to conduct research – led to greater scrutiny and due diligence of those purchases.” – Forrester, How The Pandemic Transformed B2B Buying

What does this mean to you as a B2B marketer? It means that digital experiences and campaigns must provide your buyers the experiences they’re used to as consumers.

A Real-World B2B Marketing Success Story

What if a global technology brand could grow an audience of tech-savvy influencers and increase conversions? Qualcomm, a well-known technology leader, realized that it needed to provide an enhanced digital experience in order to maintain its competitive edge. Creating this digital experience meant the company needed to address some fundamentals, such as ensuring its customer database and marketing automation platform were aligned to identify and monitor prospects at each stage of the buying journey. 

We helped Qualcomm on its digital transformation to build a unified digital experience and personalized buyer’s journey with Adobe Marketo and expanding to the full Adobe stack.

Because of our partnership, Qualcomm now benefits from streamlined marketing operations and connected marketing and sales teams. Additionally, the company grew an audience of tech-savvy enthusiasts and increased brand awareness.

Hear The Story Behind Qualcomm’s Marketo Journey

Join us for an upcoming webinar on May 24, 2022 at 1 PM Eastern for a thought-provoking discussion with Garett Meznarich, director at Perficient; Brandon Ratliff, digital marketing operations lead at Qualcomm; and Kalie Nitzsche, Marketo sales specialist at Adobe.

Webinar Speaker Graphic

When you attend the webinar, you’ll hear:

  • How Qualcomm can now accurately track buyers on their journey
  • How building a targeted opt-in experience increased Qualcomm’s contact database by 50%
  • Thoughts and insights on the future of B2B marketing

Register now to join us live on May 24th!

Interested in the discussion, but you’ve got a schedule conflict? When you register, you’ll receive an email afterwards to view and watch the webinar at your convenience.

Perficient’s Adobe Expertise

We’re an Adobe Platinum Partner delivering end-to-end, integrated marketing solutions on Adobe Experience Cloud – solutions that tackle your ever-changing, increasingly complex business challenges.

We bring the strategic imagination of an agency and the highest level of Adobe expertise and technical acumen to deliver exceptional customer experiences for the world’s biggest brands. And our experience is second to none. We are Adobe’s leading digital experience partner with hundreds of Adobe, Marketo, and Adobe Commerce certifications.

Additionally, our Marketo team is proud to be the first in the world recognized by Adobe as Marketo Engage Specialized. Adobe Specialized partners are certified by Adobe for their proven capabilities and successful implementations — the best of the best in the Adobe Partner ecosystem. Our Marketo-certified experts provide you high-quality repeatable results every time so your business can quickly grow and adapt to market needs while maximizing your investments.


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