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Life Balance

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Today I have been reflecting on one of the values of my company: Life Balance, and what it represents in today’s society, especially in my country.

We know that in Mexico we work a longer business working day than in other countries, that we take fewer days off each year, and please, let’s not forget to mention the issue of maternity and paternity leave.

A few years ago I came across an article that mentioned that there are times when employees in Mexico do something called “Horas Nalga” (which translates to buttocks hours), where it doesn’t matter if they have finished their work efficiently, as long as they comply with the schedule agreed by the company. In those cases, personnel can leave at their usual work times and continue with the rest of their daily activities, share with their family, and any other duties.

Here I want to emphasize another important issue: what happens when your workload exceeds your already imposed schedule of 10 hours? When you have to dedicate another 3 or 4 hours a day, plus work on weekends, and still feel that you do not complete any of the pending stuff you have? When you reorganize and start to do things in a more efficient, automated way and start to work faster, but still, the load continues to grow? When you start to have aches and pains and you lose sleep thinking about what you have to do the next day? When you can not enjoy your only day off with your family because your mind is 100% on the accumulation of work?

Thinking that this kind of situation only affects you as an employee is wrong. It affects everyone around you, your partner, parents, and children who see you are stressed and feeling bad.

I am very aware that work and professional development are one of the greatest pillars of life, but it should never, and I emphasize, never, be above health and/or family.

I agree that there may be months when you are overloaded and we make the effort to move everything forward, sacrificing hours of sleep and personal well-being, but how long are you willing to sacrifice? A month? 3 months? 6 months?

One thing I am very sure of is that there are always other opportunities and that it is not worth losing your health for a job, that employees would work better and happier in an environment where they are not judged for leaving at the end of their working day and where they feel that they can contribute day by day and not just be putting out fires.

It is much smarter to work on your schedule and be very productive, but leave and be able to fully enjoy the rest of your day with your family and without worries. I think this is necessary for Mexico, to stop overexploiting employees.

We have to change the thought that we have to kill ourselves at work to achieve our goals when in reality we only have to do our part very well and strive to do it excellently. In a society where both parents work, this is necessary, to be able to give our children this example, that life is not only work, it is a combination of many things. We have to set the best example. Please let’s do it for our mental health and the union of families.

That is why I am very grateful to my company, because they think of us, of our families and that this society is changing for the better, meaning that when we are well, safe, and developing in a healthy work environment, we will give our best efforts every day. As employees of Inflection Point, we will always appreciate this culture, and I will keep giving my best effort every day to continue in my position and grow. So, if someone asked me if I were asked to work something extra, my answer would be that I will gladly do it because I know it’s not something they would ask me every day.

Our children are learning what life is through us. Mexico, your work culture change is urgent.

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