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Appian World, New Products Released and Takeaways

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This is a series covering the new products released to the public by Appian during Appian World 2022.



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Appian World is a place where businesses and technology leaders can connect, share ideas, learn about innovative business solutions, listen to featured speaker Malala Yousafzai, and hear about new products on the market from Appian.

Appian’s low code platform, which has helped industry leaders win the Innovator Award and the Impact Award in 2021, has added Appian Portals to their product portfolio. With this new product, you will enjoy the same security and development environment that you have come to associate with Appian.


Appian Portals

Originally announced as a beta product at Appian World 2021, this product was released into general access at Appian World 2022.  Here are the highlights.

  • No need for a login. With Appian Portal, you will be able to connect your audiences to your company workflow without the need for a login.
  • Allows you to go from Unauthenticated to Authenticated experience. Appian now allows new users to register for an Appian account and go from a public user to become an Appian user. Opening the doors for so many new usecases.
  • Easy development and management. Appian’s low code platform allows for easy development and the intuitive platform lets you connect your databases and workflows.
  • Scalable and secure. Your organization will be able to use microservices architecture and be protected by CAPTCHA, encryption, and more, including integrating your existing IT security protocols. Portals are also supported by Google’s reCAPTCHA v3 to protect your workflow against bots.
  • Adaptable for all industries. With the easy-to-use low-code design tools, you will be able to create an engaging interface that you can adapt to your specific industry.


Think of Appian Portals as a window into your website.  A customer would be able to look into your website and schedule an appointment or request a quote, or even report a downed powerline.  An external customer would be able to ‘reach’ into your website and interact with your company without the need to log in or the need to build a custom UI.


Hear from the experts

Perficient’s general manager for automation and Appian expert, Graham Wallis said, “Portals, Appian’s baked in unlimited usage non authenticated environment is a game-changer as it now provides a secure way to interact with Appian to collect complaints, go from an unauthenticated to an authenticated environment allowing. many more use cases all for free with the Appian licenses.”

Our Appian experts look forward to working with you and your company to leverage Appian Portals in your organization.

Perficient + Appian

We help simplify and minimize expensive manual business operations processes through low-code applications built on Appian. Our integration and automation expertise and track record of successful Appian implementations make us the partner of choice to help you digitally transform and stay ahead of the competition.



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