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Perficient India Q1 Recap: Townhalls, WiT, Giving back and more!

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India is famous for its huge diversity, amazing food and magical celebrations- and one can say the same about Perficient India!

As summer approaches invitingly with visions of ice cold pitchers of lemon tea, lets take a moment to appreciate the fantastic moments we’ve had so far this year.

PAN-India TownhallPoster

It would be a crime if I didn’t go over the biggest and exciting event that happened first!

Perficient India started out with exactly three colleagues. Prakash Chembai, then working for Perficient’ Inc. in North America had the vision to set up an office in Chennai, India. Operations started out with a team of exactly three colleagues, in a 1000 square-foot space. Fast forward to now, where Perficient India has a strength of over 1500+ colleagues across three major cities in India, with planned expansion to increase our footprint in more cities.

This required a truly spectacular event, to signify how we were ready to spread our wings and take flight. We called it: The Soaring Eagles – Convocation 2022!

A massive collaboration across Chennai, Bangalore and Nagpur; it involved over fifty colleagues working over two weeks around the clock. The result was a fantastic power-packed event filled with knowledge and creativity along with gorgeous performances of dance, song and music!

That’s not including the business updates, the proud new logo additions to Perficient’s Portfolio, and a surprise visit by Paul Martin and Kevin Sheen.

The highlight of the townhall? The announcement of FIVE SPANKING BRAND-NEW OFFICES across India! But why tell you about it when you can watch it firsthand?

What are you waiting for? If you haven’t seen it already- go ahead and check out the townhall here!

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With a bit of elbow grease, we’ve also put together a behind-the-scenes footage as we played, practiced, and just generally had a blast- join in on the fun as you can watch it here!

Women in Tech Launch

Perficient India CelebrationPerficient India launched Women in Tech on International Women’s Day with a full blown festival! Colleagues laughed, played and celebrated as we set up shopping stalls, games and live counters.

And a celebration it was- the largest we’d had since since the pandemic!


“Women in tech consists of a community of professional women committed to inspiring, educating and seizing opportunities, and I’m proud of the initiative Perficient has come up with to champion the cause!” – Gayathri Venkatraman, WiT Committee member



Wd Collage2

Our WiT ERG is an active and passionate community where women and their allies can share ideas, find resources, and support fellow colleagues. All Perficient colleagues are invited to join WiT on Teams, attend events, and provide feedback, support, and suggestions.

You can read more about the event here!

Perficient India Gives:

Values of compassion and giving are as important to teach in school like Math and Science. That’s why when I was invited to speak on Animal Welfare to a group of young impressionable minds, I jumped at the chance.

Covering the lives of friendly strays on the streets to the troubles of cattle roaming on the streets, the relationship between man and animals was explored and questioned.Perficient India Gives

I’m happy to report over fifty students have started on the path of compassion as they volunteer every weekend at animal shelters and speak for those who can’t speak for themselves.

A Community for Giving Back:

Our Giving ERG is a voluntary, employee-led group made up of Perficient colleagues who join together based on common interests or backgrounds. Through the Giving ERG, we aim to make an individual and collective impact on the world.

New Interns!

As we approached spring and flowers bloomed, we’ve also had some growth of our team- A new batch of enthusiastic interns!

Following the success of our previous batch of interns, where we’d successfully taken in and mentored new graduates (Including yours truly!), we proceeded to take in a batch of interns in December followed by a second batch In the month of March.

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As Part of Our People Promise, and its supporting attribute – Growth for Everyone –  We express the commitment we make to our people with hopes to foster an environment and culture that not only attracts but retains the most talented in our industry to build long and prosperous careers with us.

Training has started in earnest, and we’re looking forward to seeing their growth!

You can read more about our Boot camp program here!

On a lighter note, read about how we got visited by our youngest interns- and their takeover of the office under the black flag!



At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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Vishnu Aditya Ashok

Vishnu Aditya is a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed graduate fresh out of business school with a dual specialization in Human Resources & Marketing. Passionate about engaging with people and making a difference, he started his career in Human resources and looks forward to his growth at Perficient. He is affiliated with over five different NGOs in Disaster Management, Animal welfare, Environmentalism, Children’s Welfare, and LGBTQIA rights. He believes in giving back to the community in whichever way possible.

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