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Perficient’s Women in Tech (WiT) ERG Looks to Focus on Four Pillars in 2022

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Last year was a groundbreaking, instrumental one for Perficient’s Women in Technology (WiT) ERG. It has paved the way for new things ahead this year! Here is a look back, and what’s to come.

Recapping 2021

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WiT forged new ground in 2021, not only establishing a foundation for itself, but also for ERGs as a whole within Perficient.

This  included developing and launching key elements such as:  a pilot mentor program, WiT roadshow, creation of premium WiT assets, development of an event process and playbook, and support of global expansion. With these elements cemented, WiT experienced a 45% growth rate over the course of the year, and the numbers continue to climb.

Additionally, targeted efforts such as a BU Adoption Campaign, monthly WiT feature on Perficient Connect and promotion of WiT at cornerstone company events such as the All Company Sales Call helped raise ERG awareness across the organization as well as externally with clients and partners.

Check out highlights of WiT’s first year:

Take a deeper dive on 2021: Women in Tech 2021 Blog Posts

Welcome Melanie!

To help lead the charge in 2022, we welcome Melanie Hoffman as a co-chair. Formerly a co-lead of the Membership & Expansion committee, Melanie has been a constant voice of the ERG;

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promoting our efforts across Perficient while focusing on growth strategies and increased engagement.

I am thrilled to take on a broader and more impactful role with our WiT ERG. We have seen so much progress in our first official year and I look forward to leveraging our WIT ERG to continue elevating women here at Perficient.

Looking Ahead

To continue the momentum, WiT leadership recently gathered and identified 4 primary pillars that will make up the focus for growth in 2022. They are:

  • Equity in tech
  • Creating community
  • Having candid conversations
  • Ensuring women feel comfortable in the workplace

Equity in Tech

A key KPI is continuing to close the overall technology gender gap, with special focus on leadership roles. This goal expands beyond the walls of Perficient, and includes engagements with our clients and STEM programs.

Creating Community

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The 2022 event calendar is filling up with opportunities for networking and connection with leadership, peers, and allies. These activities help scale the ERG efforts and mission both inside and outside Perficient.

Having Candid Conversations

Conversation is an art, there’s a whole book about it! For the difficult conversations, WiT offers a safe environment where challenging topics can be elevated and openly discussed​. But the ERG also offers more informal opportunities to chat and catch up via small and/or committee events and focused discussion groups.

Ensuring Women Feel Comfortable in the Workplace

At its core, WiT strives to provide women a network they can rely on if or when they need support and which serves as a voice for women across the globe at Perficient.

With four pillars and a rapidly expanding member base, this year holds tremendous promise for Perficient’s WiT ERG. Cheers, to the New Year!


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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