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Henry Ford Health Partners With Perficient to Win Best Pandemic Related Communications Award

Ehealthcare Leadership Awards 2021 Winner

Perficient is pleased to announce that our work for Henry Ford Health has gained recognition in the 2021 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

Henry Ford Health Supports Both Patients and Staff Amid the Pandemic

Henry Ford Health  | Best COVID-19 Pandemic Related Communications – Healthcare System, Silver

A sitewide COVID flyout directs digital visitors to vaccine information, while a scheduling wizard guides users to the most appropriate appointment slots and easy online scheduling. Robust COVID content and assessment tools further support community needs. These updates were made to the site in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This response has since evolved to address the changing needs of Henry Ford Health System’s patients. |

“The pandemic created an urgent need for healthcare leaders like Henry Ford to clearly communicate across digital channels and to serve as a trusted advisor to our community. Understandably, our patients had many concerns and questions, and we needed to respond quickly. We knew we could count on Perficient to help us deliver streamlined scheduling tools, robust COVID-related messaging and digital assessment resources that would help us address and triage the needs within our community.” – Missy Ewald, Director of Digital Experience and Web Strategy at Henry Ford Health.

We are glad that our leadership for Henry Ford Health in scheduling, content strategy and assessment enabled them to achieve this honor.

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Streamlined Scheduling Tools

This isn’t the first time our experience with implementing scheduling tools has aided in Henry Ford Health’s success. When they wanted to increase appointments made by new patients, we leveraged our vast experience with healthcare digital projects, history of successfully implementing open scheduling and longstanding relationship with Henry Ford to provide their patients with a frustration-free online appointment scheduling experience. As a result, this initiative also led to Henry Ford winning several consumer engagement awards.

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Robust COVID-Related Messaging

Perficient’s content strategy services build compelling connections with the right message, to the right people, at the right time. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it ever more important to use content to strengthen the relationship between your customers and your brand. The robust COVID-related messaging we created with Henry Ford Health System was key in them achieving the best COVID-19 pandemic related communications award.

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Digital Assessment Resources

Perficient’s content IQ jumpstart assesses your content strategy to help you get the most out of your content. We examine your content’s effectiveness, actionability and efficiency to ensure that it is meeting your users’ needs, your business needs and your authoring needs. We review your content governance strategy to ensure sustainability and identify the areas that would be most beneficial for immediate intervention. Equipping Henry Ford with assessment tools was also key in their achievement of this award.

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We heartily congratulate Henry Ford Health for their demonstration of a positive healthcare consumer experience!

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