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Adobe Summit 2022: Top 5 Recommended Sessions for Adobe Marketo Engage

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Adobe Summit is just around the corner, and I’m excited. As someone who has used Marketo for nearly a decade, you may wonder why I still get excited for Adobe Summit every year. To put it simply, those golden nuggets. There are so many different aspects to Marketo Engage, how to set up campaigns, evolving technologies to integrate with, and new features that it’s impossible for one person to know it all. It’s always interesting hearing from other people how they are creating efficiencies and improving their automation in innovative ways. When I was in marketing operations, I’d get caught in the same cycle of doing things from time to time – the “comfort zone” – and these sessions helped get me out of that mindset and get those creative juices flowing.

The virtual aspect definitely makes this more difficult than being in person, but networking was always one of my highlights as well. I love marketing automation, so geeking out with others and making connections is always a lot of fun. Utilizing the virtual networking and social events will be something I take part in this year.

Adobe Summit has so much to offer and can be quite inspirational if you know your goals and choose your sessions accordingly. Here’s the top 5 Marketo sessions I’m most looking forward to this year:

2022 Roadmap & Innovations Sneak Peak | Session

Every year, Marketo Engage has a session to talk about their roadmap including new features, UI updates, or new integrations. I always attend this session to ensure I know and can prepare for what is coming. As marketing continues to grow more complex, we need our automation systems to keep up with the changes and help us stay ahead of the curve with these innovations.

Beyond the Batch and Blast: Nurturing Customer Relationships | Training Workshop

I’ve done a similar workshop in the past and found to it be extremely helpful. This two-hour hands-on training workshop will take you through how to set up an engagement program that helps facilitate a consistent dialogue with your audience. I’ve enjoyed these workshops in the past because it allows you to actually work through a scenario and build it yourself. There are so many different ways of approaching nurtures and I’ve found there’s always new tips and tricks that have proven useful.

Conquer the Data Mountain with Custom Activities using Marketo Engage | Session

This session is a topic that I have rarely seen in the past. They will be discussing how to bring in data from different data sources that will give insights into audience behavior outside of Marketo via Custom Activities. In my experience, Custom Activities are underutilized for companies where leads can interact with them outside of emails, landing pages, forms, and website. This can be a powerful data resource to create timely communications, efficiency, and better data organization.

From Junk to Slam Dunk: Optimizing Email Deliverability | Training Workshop

Email deliverability is a hot topic every year and can be a daunting task. These sessions can be really useful to understand what to look for, how to prioritize your deliverability improvement efforts, and ensure your emails are getting to the inbox. With so many spam blockers and email filters companies utilize today, that also keep getting more stringent, it’s hard to ensure you’re reaching the coveted inbox. I’m looking forward to hearing how we can keep improving emails to be most efficient with all the effort we put in to sending communications.

How Lumen Drives Agility for Omnichannel Customer Experience | Session

Marketers and operations teams are busy and any way to automate their processes will give them more time to work on their campaigns and other initiatives. Workfront is a newer acquisition for Adobe and have more recently announced their integration with Marketo that doesn’t require middleware. I’m really looking forward to this session to hear how Lumen has been able to utilize Workfront to streamline their processes and create more efficiency.


If you’re on the fence about whether to attend Adobe Summit, I would recommend signing up and checking out even a few interesting sessions. Registration is free, so there’s really nothing to lose. You’ll benefit from hearing from leading experts and companies who have innovated with automation to create better experiences for their prospects and customers. I’m really looking forward to attending this year and learning about all the new features and approaches in Marketo. I hope to see you there and reach out to me if you want to “geek out”.

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