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Optimized Global Delivery

Interactive Quiz: Which Optimized Global Delivery Model is Best for Your Digital Transformation?

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Accelerating digital transformation initiatives requires agility and scalability, which is why more companies are adopting a global approach to software development, support, and testing. Adding multi-shore resources to your digital project teams bolsters innovation, increases speed to market, and significantly reduces costs. Take the quiz to learn which global delivery model is right for your digital transformation.


Perficient Global Delivery Quiz


Tailoring an Optimized Global Delivery Model to your Organization

An optimized, multi-shore approach to global delivery typically yields the most impactful results for our clients. Leveraging the right skillset, in the right time zone, at the right price point is imperative to success. There are many important organizational considerations when determining the optimal multi-shore team composition, including but not limited to:

  • Industry
  • Project Objectives
  • Budgetary Constraints
  • Agile Maturity
  • Cultural Considerations


It is important to partner with a global consultancy that has experience working with clients across all industries. There are industry-specific challenges that may need to be considered in order to allocate global resources properly. For example, certain industries must comply with additional federal regulations for security and privacy. Organizations within regulated industries can still work with global teams, but they will need to ensure their partners maintain the proper certifications and procedures for regulatory compliance.

Project Objectives

Effective digital transformations aim to solve an organization’s unique business challenges. Understanding project objectives and business impacts are essential to the success of each global engagement. Some common examples of digital project objectives are:

  • Building a new custom product
  • Modernizing an existing suite of legacy applications
  • Managing support for deployed solutions
  • Customizing an existing technology product
  • Improving the development lifecycle

Your approach to global delivery may include predominantly nearshore or offshore teams depending on the goals for your specific project.

Budgetary Constraints

Cost and budgetary constraints play a significant role in determining the optimal global delivery model for your digital projects. Cost reduction is typically one of the highest priorities, but too often it comes at the expense of other project considerations. Offshore delivery is the most cost effective due to India, China, and Eastern Europe offering some of the lowest available price points. While nearshore delivery is also cost effective, the savings are not as significant as with offshore outsourcing. Onshore delivery typically yields the lowest cost savings of the three models, but can still significantly reduce delivery costs. Strategically balancing offshore, nearshore, and onshore resources maximizes cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Agile Maturity

Assessing and understanding your organization’s level of agile maturity is essential to building an optimized global delivery model. Companies with lower agile maturity may benefit from predominantly nearshore or domestic resources because the time zone alignment allows for real time communication during normal business hours. Offshore delivery is typically a better fit for organizations with full agile implementation, or higher agile maturity.

Cultural Considerations

When developing a customized multi-shore delivery model it is important to consider which global teams will be the best overall fit for your company’s culture. For example: Is your organization comfortable with remote work, or do you require the ability to work on-site? Are time zone alignment and real time communication essential? What niche skillsets are you looking to add to your team and how important is scalability? Cultural compatibility with global teams is essential for collaboration, innovation, and the overall success of the project.

Why Perficient?

As a leading global digital consultancy, Perficient takes an “all-of-the-above” approach to global delivery, seamlessly combining offshore, nearshore, and onshore teams to delivery powerful results for our clients. Our agile methodology and digital strategy have been proven and refined through thousands of projects with leading brands across a variety of industries.

For more information about Perficient’s global delivery expertise, subscribe to our blog, or contact a Perficient Optimized Global DeliverySM expert today.



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