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Perficient, Adobe, and Forter Discuss Consumer Expectations in 2022 [On-Demand Webinar]

Planning The Finances Is Not Easy

Consumers have more access to goods and services than ever with unlimited merchant options. These options have accelerated the shift in eCommerce as well as evolved the needs, preferences, and expectations of today’s digital-first consumer. Brands must pivot and stay on top of these behavioral changes to maintain a competitive advantage. To better understand the new customer mindset and the importance of experience-driven commerce, Perficient, Adobe, and Forter recently hosted a webinar examining the massive shift in consumers’ buying behavior.

Industry experts Justin Racine, Director, Commerce Strategy at Perficient; Tory Brunker, Senior Director, Product Marketing at Adobe Commerce; and Andrea Montero, Director, Product Management at Forter discussed how we’re helping merchants propel their brands forward while making the most of changing consumer preferences.  

What’s Next for Commerce in the Digital Age

As eCommerce continues to grow at a record pace, merchants must invest in a seamless digital journey. eCommerce accounts for more than 20% of global retail sales and is showing no sign of slowing down. Omnichannel initiatives such as buy-online pick-up in-store (BOPIS), ship-from-store, and same-day delivery (SDD) have changed consumer purchasing habits and preferences forever. If merchants want to thrive in this digital environment, they must embrace the transformation.

The Reimagined Digital-First Consumer 

These were some of the important topics discussed during the webinar. With 500,000 new people entering the online world each day, and existing online consumers opting for new ways to make daily purchases, eCommerce is rapidly growing. To learn more about how to maximize eCommerce to make the most of new trends and consumer expectations watch Perficient, Adobe, and Forter Discuss Consumer Expectations in 2022.  


Why Choose Perficient for Adobe Commerce?

We’re an Adobe Platinum Partner delivering end-to-end, integrated marketing solutions on Adobe Experience Cloud – solutions that tackle your ever-changing, increasingly complex business challenges. Perficient also holds five specializations, including first in the world for Marketo Engage.

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