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Perficient Holds Nationwide Blood Drive

The Red Cross is currently experiencing the worst blood shortage they’ve had in over a decade. In fact, the dangerously low blood supply has forced some hospitals to defer patients from treatment all together – specifically, major surgeries and organ transplants.

To help address the shortage, Perficient recently hosted multiple in-person and virtual blood drives where all willing and able colleagues were invited to give back through donating their blood. The donations made by Perficient colleagues were crucial in helping not only healthcare providers, but also patients in need of treatment.

Perficient colleagues are incredibly generous and often come together to support a cause. When colleagues learned of the dangerously low blood supply, there was great turnout at donation centers from Southern California to Atlanta, St. Louis to Lafayette, and everywhere in between. Some of these colleagues were even able to donate up to three times the average amount!

In addition to being invited to donate, colleagues were also invited to share their experience and explain what compelled them to give blood.

Why Perficient Colleagues Donate

Henry Heisler, co-chair of Perficient’s Giving Employee Resource Group and general manager of Southern California operations, says, “I donated blood to support others in my community that may be in need.”

How else is Perficient’s Southern California office giving back to their community? “The Perficient team in Southern California recently volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. Second Harvest is a member organization of Feeding America…
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Binh Nguyen, principal in the Lafayette Delivery Center, says, “I’m just simply doing my part.”

How else is Perficient’s Lafayette Delivery Center giving back to their community? “Though south Louisiana has a reputation for being hot and muggy, the winters can be surprisingly chilly, and this means some of our local friends and families need a little extra help staying warm…
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Melanie Hoffman, managing director of Atlanta operations, says, “I am thankful for my health, and I want to be able to share that with others in need.”

How else is Perficient’s Atlanta office giving back to their communities? “The Atlanta Community Food Bank helps serve thousands by providing food to those in need throughout metro Atlanta and north Georgia…”
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Lafayette Delivery Center Blood Drive

Although the need for blood is ever-present, it’s currently greater than it’s ever been due to the significant impact COVID-19 has had in reducing the number of donors. Knowing this, colleagues in our Lafayette Delivery Center (LDC) organized a blood drive to give back to their community.

The event was organized through a partnership with Our Lady of Lourdes, a local organization LDC colleagues had partnered with on previous community engagement initiatives. Through the partnership, this event was held in a bus parked directly in front of the Perficient’s LDC, a high-traffic area downtown, allowing for great visibility to the public while giving colleagues in the office the chance to conveniently donate blood.

Every person who donated through this event was directly helping someone in need – all because of our LDC colleagues’ effort. These colleagues recognize the impact and try to host at least two blood drives a year knowing they benefit the community at large.

Being able to partner with Our Lady of Lourdes to host this blood drive was a great opportunity, and at Perficient, we’re proud to have colleagues so quick to help those in need. You can donate today and help minimize the blood shortage by visiting the Red Cross website to find a blood drive or donation center closest to you.


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