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Perficient Listed in Forrester Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022 Report

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Businesses need to frequently develop new technology products and applications to stay competitive in continuously changing markets with evolving customer expectations. While relying on in-house development capabilities is ideal for some organizations, it is not always feasible.

In the report, Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022, Forrester states that, “Software is at the core of every business today, but not every company can be a software company.” Developing a strategic partnership with a trusted vendor for modern application development (MAD) services empowers successful delivery and modernization initiatives which drive business value.

Modern Application Development Services Partnerships

Forrester defines MAD services providers as:

“MAD services providers work collaboratively with their clients to create custom modern applications, assist in the transformation and modernization of their clients’ software development practices, and help clients adopt modern practices and technologies.”

According to the report, in Forrester’s June 2021 Service Provider Pulse Survey, 80% of technology decision-makers are seeking external partners to improve self-sufficiency. “When evaluating MAD services offerings, most companies want help to:

  • “Deliver modern products and applications…”
  • “Speed digital transformation with modern custom development capabilities…”
  • “Increase business value as measured by outcome-based metrics.”

Successful modern application development requires organizational and cultural shifts. In the Now Tech report, Forrester states, “MAD is not just about delivery. It is also about transformation and change while learning and reskilling.”

Forrester Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022 Report

Forrester based its analysis of service providers on two factors: market presence and services functionality. They segmented vendors into three categories, based on MAD services revenue: large, midsize, and small; and five categories based on services functionality and global reach.

Perficient was listed as a midsize vendor in this space ($125 million to $2 billion in annual MAD services revenue) and in the regional systems integrator (RSI) functionality segment. According to the report, RSIs serve two or fewer world regions and offer a fairly comprehensive set of services because they “build products and deliver transformation-led consulting specialized technology.”

Perficient’s listing in this Now Tech report includes our geographic presence (61.7% NA, 12.3% LATAM, 1.2% EMEA, and 24.8% APAC); industry focus areas (healthcare, financial services, and manufacturing); and sample customers  (Enterprise Holdings and GM Financial).

To learn more, download Now Tech: Modern Application Development Services, Q1 2022 (available for purchase or to Forrester subscribers). Forrester surveyed leaders from Perficient’s Innovation and Product Development team while researching this report.

Perficient’s Expertise in Modern Application Development

Perficient continues to share thought leadership and perspective on emerging trends in custom application development. For more information, contact a Perficient expert.

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