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Coveo MVP Program Honors Our Search Experts

Coveo MVP Program Honors Perficient's Experts

Coveo announced its 2022 inductees for the Coveo MPV (Most Valuable Professionals) Program. 31 MVPs from across 22 companies were selected including four of Perficient’s search and content experts.

The MVP program is a celebration of the success-drivers around Coveo’s ecosystem and recognizes individuals for their expertise and invaluable contribution to that ecosystem.

So, What Makes A Coveo MVP?

Coveo MVPs were selected through a formal nomination process that allowed professionals to submit applications that were then evaluated in the following fields.

  • Platform Mastery – In their individual area of expertise
  • Thought Leadership – Showcasing Coveo effectively
  • Content Creation – Fostering a multi-layered understanding of Coveo
  • Product Input – Contributing their technical expertise to the community
  • Creative Positioning – Leveraging Coveo to answer their clients’ business needs
  • Deployment Expertise – Quality of their Coveo implementations

The criteria above helps identify outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the Coveo community. According to Coveo’s VP of Alliances Marie-Michele Caron, MVPs are professionals who provide expertise and value to the Coveo community and its customers.

“Our Honorary MVPs have exemplified the Coveo vision and provided enormous value to our joint customers,” Caron said. “A long time in the making, we are very excited to announce [this] cohort of MVPs to such a crucial group of the Coveo Community.”

Meet Our 2022 Coveo MVPs

As an award-winning Coveo Platinum partner, we’re thrilled to have our experts recognized again as Coveo MVPs this year. Read on to find out what MVP status means to the inductees from Perficient and what excites them about Coveo’s platform.

Eric Immermann Coveo Mvp 2022Eric Immermann – Practice Director, Search and Content

This isn’t Eric’s first time being named a Coveo MVP, but he still really appreciates the recognition. He said, “Being named a Coveo MVP again continues to be an awesome recognition of the knowledge and effort that my team and I bring to our clients around the benefits and optimal usage of the Coveo platform.”

Eric has watched the Coveo platform grow and what he’s most excited about right now is how it’s providing targeted, meaningful, usable AI and machine learning to his customers. This allows them to rapidly drive value and improvement with very low effort up front compared to building their own custom models.

“In the past year, this has led to some clients developing tremendous productivity improvements within their own organizations,” Eric said. “And others have greatly expanded sales due to Coveo’s ability to drive the appropriate content or products both proactively and on demand.”

Zachary Fischer Coveo Mvp 2022Zachary Fischer – Senior Solutions Architect, Search and Content

Zach is happy to be one of the 2022 inductees and is excited to continue to grow his relationship with Coveo. He’s really proud of the great rapport and collaborative working relationship we have with Coveo and all of the technical folks over there. He said, “Being an MVP feels like another level of openness and a commitment to building more, together.”

What excites Zach about the platform is that Coveo never stops investing in its core platform and methodologies. He likes how every new implementation, product or feature strengthens the core and makes the products better.

Allen Han Coveo Mvp 2022Allen Han– Senior Technical Architect, Data Solutions

Allen is honored to be among the other Coveo domain experts that were inducted into the MVP program. He believes it’s not only a testament to his personal experience, but also to the strength of the Perficient team’s overall ability to help our clients achieve their goals.

“Over the years working with the Coveo team to implement cutting edge solutions has been a fun and pleasant journey. I am always excited for the opportunities to transform our clients’ digital search experience,” Allen said.

Right now, he’s excited about the expanding adoption of Coveo commerce solutions as well as Coveo Headless, which is a library for developing Coveo-powered UI components. Many organizations have noticed the potential in Coveo commerce solutions and are quickly taking advantage of the the platform’s rich-features. And the new headless approach for UI implementation basically empowers the delivery side of search experience. Allen likens it to a non-opinionated Swiss-army-knife providing convenience and potential for all challenging scenarios.

Kristofer Quinn Coveo Mvp 2022Kristofer Quinn– Senior Project Manager, Data Solutions

Like Allen, Kris also sees his Coveo MVP status as recognition of not just him, but also of Perficient’s dedication to providing expert knowledge and experience to our clients.

According to him, “There are plenty of services providers out there doing good work, but when a platform partner like Coveo picks your coworkers and yourself to showcase who is delivering great solutions on their product it really drives home the quality of our work.”

And when it comes to delivering great Coveo solutions, Kris is currently excited about two things – the maturation of the Coveo Cloud Platform and its integrations as well as Coveo’s dedication to expanding search analytics and machine learning to bring greater relevancy to its users.

He said, “Spinning up a Coveo solution is very straightforward and their options to integrate directly into many platforms to index and serve results are numerous and growing. This means that for many clients we can move quickly from conversations on how Coveo is going to fit into their overall architecture to conversations on how to best leverage their content for their users and customers. Further, Coveo is rolling out new analytics features and machine learning models to help clients understand who is searching for what and what they are finding (or not finding, in some cases). This allows clients to better understand their current search solution and make and test enhancements to improve that experience with better relevance, suggestions, and recommendations.”

Connect With Us (And Our Coveo MVPs)

We are one of a select group of Coveo Platinum partners helping brands design, architect and implement modern intelligent search solutions that empower users to be more successful and deliver a winning customer experience.

Check out our Coveo partner page and learn more about how we can help you unlock the value of information to transform your business.

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