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Why Work in a #GPTW company?

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Most of the time, when we look for a new job opportunity, we look for a company that offers us a good salary and good benefits, but we neglect one of the most important benefits, a good work environment.

However, for some companies this issue is not of great importance, so they suffer from uncommitted employees, high staff turnover, decreased productivity, and can even trigger illnesses in employees, for example, anxiety, depression, stomach ailments, etc.

A good work environment is beneficial for both the company and the employees, since having happy and satisfied employees translate into an increase in productivity, and therefore allows the achievement of objectives. For this reason, it is that within the objectives of the company the creation of a coexistence environment must be taken into account so that people will feel good when going to work.

In 1980, Robert Levering, co-founder, Great Place to Work, began a journey through the best places to work, in this investigation he discovered that the common denominator of these companies was the cordial treatment that is perceived from the reception area to the top managers, the workers interacting in a friendly way and there was great trust between them. 1

In these companies, people are willing to give their best, when employees feel safe in their work, they are willing to collaborate more freely and provide more creative ideas,” says Levering.

But You May be Wondering, What Does it Mean to Work in a Great Place To Work Company?

Certifications have become something important for companies. Great Place To Work is an organization dedicated to conducting surveys to find out the real opinion of employees, and thus promote the transformation of companies. In other words, respect, credibility, camaraderie, pride, and impartiality are evaluated; while for employees, the trust they have with the company and its senior management, the good work environment, and how it makes them feel to be part of the company are aspects evaluated for their workplaces.

As the voice of an employee of a GPTW company, I will tell you my feelings.

Working here is more than a job, since day one and every day they worry about your work and personal growth, they constantly hold meetings (virtual in times of pandemic), which allow new employees to be integrated, they keep us up to date on the situation in a very transparent way, but one key aspect that seems extremely important to me is that you have all the confidence to approach the directors to express your feelings; in the same way, they have all the willingness to listen to you and give you a solution within their reach.Finally, I can say that, beyond looking for a good salary and good benefits, we must look for a job where they make us feel like we are at home, with the freedom to express our ideas, grow personally and professionally, but above all that makes us feel that we are a valuable element for the fulfillment of the company’s objectives.


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