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There is No Secret Sauce: Put Financial Services Customers First and You Will Grow

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TD Bank Group recently announced its Q4 2021 earnings were up 31% from Q4 2020, despite the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. On its earnings call, the company elaborated that this in part was due to its dedicated, people-oriented approach to business.

TD emphasized that this elevated focus on the customer experience has proven essential to their business strategy and that they are continuing to invest in marketing and technology to ensure their preparedness for continuous growth.

“As always, we will stay focused on our long-term strategy and continue to execute on our enterprise priorities, delivering more value for customers across our distribution channels, leveraging our data, analytics and AI capabilities to elevate the customer experience, transforming the way we work to achieve better, faster outcomes,” said TD Bank Group President and Chief Executive Officer Bharat Masrani.

When I asked Kevin Colletti, a digital strategist at Perficient whose past roles included head of digital strategy at ING (now Voya), what set companies like TD Bank apart from some of its competitors, he said, “It comes down to a few things that fall under what we at Perficient call ‘journey science.’ In the most simple terms, journey science encompasses research, analysis, strategy, and experimentation – everything that you need to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience.”

On February 2, Perficient’s Colletti will moderate a webinar that will feature GM Financial and Adobe. GM Financial will share how it continues to focus on the customer, while Adobe will discuss what all financial services companies can do to become “experience makers.” We’d love for you to join us.

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