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Perficient Colleagues Get Jazzed About Giving in 2022

Philanthropy-Based Employee Resource Group Hosts First Event

Our colleagues at Perficient truly value giving back to the communities in which we live and work. When considering the number of colleagues our growing organization has, and learning how many of these colleagues around the world hold this value, we decided to develop our Perficient Giving Employee Resource Group (ERG). Perficient Giving is a colleague-led community dedicated to growing and celebrating colleague and company philanthropy.

The Giving ERG recently hosted their first event: Getting Jazzed About Giving! The virtual event was developed to allow colleagues to learn more about the Giving ERG’s focus and connect with a few Perficient leaders through a panel discussion. These Perficient leaders discussed how they started giving, how it has impacted their lives, and sparked an in-depth conversation with colleagues about getting started on their own giving journey.

Panelist Insights Spark Ideas of Generosity

After hearing about the personal benefits of giving back, colleagues were treated to a panel discussion where Perficient leaders shared their experiences with giving back. Here are just a few of the perspectives shared during the discussion:

What inspired you to start giving?

Lina Maria Jaramillo Lopera, general manager of Colombia operations, said she found inspiration through understanding the power of gratitude and simply listening to someone else. Lina talked about her experiences, recognizing she had the ability to “leave a mark on someone’s life” through effortlessly participating in small acts of kindness.

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How do you inspire giving within your teams?

Jerry Coldwell, general manager of our Denver operations, shared how he built giving into his team’s dynamic. The Denver team specifically rallies its colleagues around causes that make an impact on both a personal level and the community at large. One of the ways the Denver team achieves this is by participating in the annual MS150 bike ride to support those impacted by multiple sclerosis.

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What has been your most rewarding moment when giving back?Microsoftteams Image (18)

Melanie Hoffman, managing director of Atlanta and Charlotte operations, was quick to answer regarding a recent experience with her son. While out running errands, Melanie and her son passed a group of homeless individuals, and her son stopped to ask her if they could buy these individuals sandwiches. Inspired by the idea, Melanie and her son purchased several sub sandwiches to hand out to the group, a spur-of-the-moment decision that brought joy to those in need while creating a rewarding moment Melanie could share with her son.

What advice would you give to anyone getting started with giving?Microsoftteams Image (20)

Henry Heisler, general manager of Southern California operations and co-lead of the Giving ERG, told colleagues to start by doing something that’s meaningful to them, even if it’s small. He continued to explain that it’s important to lean into their own passions to give back to someone else. The butterfly effect is real and by doing one small gesture, a personal effort can begin to make an exponential impact.

Tips from Perficient Colleagues to Start Giving Back

The meeting chat was active throughout the event as colleagues shared their own giving goals. Inspired by the panelist discussion and the ideas shared by colleagues, attendees were invited to add their giving goals on a virtual whiteboard.

Ready to make a difference in 2022? Or maybe you’re looking for easy steps you can add to your giving activities? Dozens of inspiring ideas were shared throughout the 45-minute event. Below are five easy tips Perficient colleagues shared that anyone can incorporate into their giving activities.

  1. Keep solar blankets in your car to share with homeless individuals during colder months.
  2. Stock up on $5 gift cards to hand out if you don’t carry cash.
  3. Keep bottles of water in your car to give out to those who may need them.
  4. Save any soaps or shampoos from hotel stays and donate them to your local pantry
  5. Spend time with less fortunate individuals – time is invaluable.


At Perficient, we continually look for ways to champion and challenge our talented workforce with interesting projects for high-profile clients, encourage personal and professional growth through training and mentoring, and celebrate our people-oriented culture and the innovative ways they serve Perficient and the community.

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