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IT Industry: Its Adaptation in Times of Pandemic

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It is not easy for a company to survive times of uncertainty and radical changes in all aspects (economic, technological, political, etc). However, IT companies have survived and grown enormously in times of pandemics.

It has been almost 2 years since the pandemic began. Two years full of challenges and changes for many companies around the world, and two years where only a few managed to adapt to the pandemic and grow in it. A clear example of growth and perseverance is the IT and e-commerce industry.

The pandemic has accelerated the technological revolution that began to take shape in recent decades. The health restrictions that come with starting a life in quarantine, forced people and companies to modify their consumption habits and the way they used to work. Home office, online shopping, meetings through video calls, the use of specialized software, among others, are just some examples of the activities that have been carried out throughout this pandemic. According to the Mexican Association of Online Sales, in 2020 e-commerce in Mexico alone grew 81% and exceeded $316 million pesos.

During this pandemic, many companies went bankrupt and today remain closed, but many others decided to invest in their IT department and implement work from home, thus rescuing their companies and starting a way of working that brings them extensive benefits. Companies that already considered home-office as part of their benefits did not have to adapt to anything new, and on the contrary, grew enormously during these almost two years, managing to adapt, increase productivity, reduce costs, introduce new services and survive an unprecedented pandemic in the XXI century.

But many will ask: What has made them different from any other industry? Those companies that have survived and grown through the pandemic have one thing in common: innovation, adaptability, and business resilience.

The future of all companies in 2022 is still uncertain, the pandemic is not yet over, the risk of new strains of the virus developing increases every day, and there is still a long way to go. However, despite the difficult situation that has been experienced during this time derived from the pandemic, IT companies have been strengthened and maintained thanks to their high degree of digitization and innovation in their products and services. These characteristics have given them the necessary impetus to stand out in this situation.

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