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Perficient Commerce Solutions Director Quoted in Forrester Report

Dedicated order management systems (OMS) provide incredible functionality when it comes to effectively managing orders within your organization, and as the market continues to evolve, the time has come for B2B companies to leverage an OMS to grow business functionality and elevate the customer experience. Ninad Manelkar, Director of Commerce Solutions at Perficient, was recently quoted in Forrester’s newly slated report, Deliver Now On Intensified B2B Customer Demands With Dedicated OMS, to discuss the experience B2B customers are looking for in their buying journey.

The Evolution of the B2B Market and the OMS

While B2B businesses may struggle with adapting to new processes and methods of accomplishing tasks or dealing with customers, embracing change by utilizing dedicated systems such as an OMS keeps these companies ahead of the game and can help them provide excellent customer experiences through and through. Instead of leaning on old habits, B2B firms must utilize an OMS to streamline business processes and create better relationships with their customers.

Why This Change is Crucial Now

Forrester notes that many B2B organizations haven’t embraced OMS because until recently, their back-office order management worked just well enough to get the job done. However, shifting to a new business model can provide customers with what they’re looking for as their expectations continue to evolve. “A B2B customer now wants an experience similar to that of a B2C consumer: self-service order changes, shipment status updates, and delay notifications,” Manelkar mentioned in their interview for the Forrester report.

Along with shifting to new business models, you’ll learn the following from the Forrester report:

  • How to effectively manage B2B orders
  • B2B order management complexity
  • How OMS solves different B2B use cases

To dive more into how an OMS can create growth opportunities for your organization and customers, download the Forrester report today (available for purchase or to Forrester subscribers). And for more information on our OM practice, contact our experts today.


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