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Reimagining the Patient Experience with Acquia and Drupal [Video]

Close Up Of Young Woman Getting Online Medical Help And Advice During Videocall With Doctor Checking Symtoms Aand Explaining The Drug's Reciepes

Consumer experiences outside of the healthcare industry continue to shape patients’ expectations when engaging with healthcare organizations. That’s why Genesis Healthcare System, an Ohio-based integrated healthcare delivery system, wanted to migrate its legacy content management system (CMS). The goal of delivering personalized, interactive experiences for patients was key for Genesis Healthcare System. A new CMS means the organization can fulfill its mission of providing compassionate, quality healthcare.

A Customized Experience at Your Fingertips

Genesis wanted a new site to empower marketers and patients with the tools they need. We worked with key stakeholders to determine the target audience, business goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs). With this information, we determined what different users needed from the site and created a roadmap for future upgrades.

Watch the story of our award-winning Acquia and Drupal work for Genesis Healthcare.

Using Drupal 9 and Acquia Site Studio, we integrated Find a Doctor with Epic Open Scheduling and enabled the marketing team to build new pages. The new site made it easy for patients to schedule appointments online and provided marketers with full site control. We designed, built, and launched the new site in only six months. Genesis Healthcare System’s website provides improved features and functionality, ultimately enhancing digital engagement.

Providing Superior Patient Interactions

If you’re ready to see the game-changing benefits of a personalized patient experience, contact us to get started.

Learn more about our Acquia expertise.


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