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Join Us for an Amazon Connect Advanced Workshop on January 27!

Success Is A Collaborative Effort

We are excited to announce that Perficient and AWS are partnering to offer an insight-filled, interactive workshop on Amazon Connect. This workshop will explore best practices around contact flows, as well as guide you through using Amazon Lex and Contact Lens for Amazon Connect. Click here to register for the workshop!

In this four-hour accelerated workshop, we will share our best practices for using Amazon Connect contact flows and show you how machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) can transform your Amazon Connect contact center. This workshop will be of interest to solutions architects, business stakeholders interested in improving customer experience (CX) and/or improving call deflection and average handle time (AHT), and IT decision makers interested in empowering their Amazon Connect implementation.


Getting the Most Out of Your Contact Flows

Contact flows are the engine of your Amazon Connect contact center and help you define every stage of the customer experience. At Perficient, we develop Amazon Connect implementations for customers in every sector and of every size.

We will share our best practices with you and highlight contact flow blocks that can help you get the most out of your contact flows. These tips will empower you to build clean, well-maintained, and performative contact flows, while also thinking of new ways to improve your customer experience.


Deep Dive on Contact Lens for Amazon Connect

Generally available since July 2020, Contact Lens is already having a transformational impact for many of our customers. The product name “Contact Lens” is a clever and apt play on words.

Amazon Web Services - Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect
Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect

Learn the six most common pitfalls when upgrading your contact center, and how Amazon Connect can help you avoid them.

Get the Guide

In Amazon Connect, a “contact” represents an interaction with a customer. And much like its optical namesake, Contact Lens uses the power of machine learning to give you a better look at what is happening in your customer conversations.

If this feature is enabled for your Amazon Connect contacts, Contact Lens performs NLP and speech-to-text analytics on your conversation. Contact Lens has a robust feature set, including real-time transcription capabilities, sensitive data redaction, and multiple supported languages.

We will provide you with a deep dive on Contact Lens, including a demonstration of the real-time alerting capabilities that are available when you enable Contact Lens. More than just transcription, this demo will show you how Contact Lens can be used to proactively identify and alert you to problems before they become repeat calls and escalations.


Introduction to Code Hooks for Amazon Lex

Amazon Lex, Amazon’s fully managed artificial intelligence (AI) service, allows you to create conversational interactions. Amazon Lex can be easily integrated with your Amazon Connect contact centers by using contact flows.

In our introductory bootcamps, we provide attendees with an overview of the different parts of the Lex conversational model – intents, utterances, prompts, and slots. In this advanced workshop, we will push past the basics and talk through using code hooks for validation and fulfillment.

The workshop will include a live demonstration of a Lex bot powered by validation and fulfilment Lambda code hooks to show you how you can use Lex and Lambda together to create smarter bot interactions that will greatly improve the customer experience and increase agent efficiency.

Registration is free. For more information about this workshop, including an agenda and a list of the speakers, please visit the Eventbrite page for the workshop.

At Perficient, we are an APN Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Connect which gives us a unique set of skills to accelerate your cloud, agent, and customer experience. Perficient takes pride in our personal approach to the customer journey where we help enterprise clients transform and modernize their contact center and CRM experience with platforms like Amazon Connect.


Learn More!

For more information on how Perficient can help you get the most out of Amazon Connect, including our implementation, managed services, bootcamp, and health check offerings, please contact us here.

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