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Digital Transformation Experts Explain Key Strategies to be Successful in the DXP Space

Why Care Size

HCL recently hosted DX Transform 2021 featuring industry leaders in the DXP space including our very own Dave Torres! Liz Miller, Principal Analyst from Constellation Research moderated the three-day virtual event in Malibu, California. Industry leaders shared stories about real, tangible change taking place in different industries because of digital transformation. The results-focused discussions emphasized how important it is for organizations to adapt to an ever-evolving business landscape.

Gary Schoch, VP Global GTM Leader of HCL Software, and Becky Creighton, Regional Sales Director of HCL Software kicked off the event. Gary explained how digital transformation provides more than just a website using COVID-19’s impact on the grocery business as an example. HCL Digital Experience provides enterprise clients with “superpowers” to solve urgent problems. When COVID-19 hit, organization’s policies, procedures, and employee training immediately became digital. Suddenly, the largest grocery stores in the world began using an HCL Digital Experience portal to keep store managers and employees informed. This has continued throughout the supply chain demand as organizations stock shelves by digitally tracking inventory. HCL Digital Experience provides one secure platform so clients don’t have to use multiple platforms to succeed.

Cloud-Native Roundtable Highlights

Special guest moderator, Liz Miller facilitated the roundtable discussion about why your business should care about cloud-native (25:25-1:15). Panelists included Dave Torres, Digital Experience & Commerce Executive at Perficient, Marci Maddox, Research Director, Digital Experience Strategies at IDC Research, Gary Schoch, VP Global GTM Leader of HCL Software, and Rodrigo Rocha, Global Horizontal Partnership Leader at Google. Each panelist discussed where they are seeing cloud-native change in the business landscape.

What is the value of cloud-native for stakeholders as opposed to just IT?

Marci started the conversation with an eye-opening statistic. According to a survey conducted by IDC Research, 70% of organizations would prefer a cloud-native solution to continue business resiliency. Cloud-native solutions provide organizations with confidence in system functionality which is key for driving revenue.

Dave pointed out that cloud-native is also a major connector and enabler because it allows businesses to say yes to customer requests and helps IT solve business problems in real-time. Cloud-native provides businesses with the ability to refresh inventory within minutes and run online marketing campaigns.

Gary explained how cloud-native gives governments and healthcare companies the power to put essential processes online. State and local governments can communicate updates to stakeholders in real-time which has been especially helpful during the pandemic. Cloud-native also provides healthcare companies with a trusted platform that protects patients’ private information and enables them to virtually check in for upcoming appointments. Cloud-native creates a pleasant experience for both stakeholders and employees by providing self-service options.

What are some examples of when an internal customer or team drove the change and transformation for tools?

Dave explained why businesses need partners to help them deliver innovative experiences to their clients. When you bring in a new partner outside of your organization, like Perficient, you need to help them set up in your local development environment quickly and securely. Cloud-native provides a secure environment running in a container and ready to go for new partners to use immediately.

Rodrigo agreed and explained how cloud-native shifts attention from infrastructure to foster innovation by providing corporate agility. With cloud-native, teams can operate in regions without having to set up infrastructure. If a company wants to expand to the Middle East, it can rely on infrastructure provided by cloud providers and focus on human resources needed to operate in that location.

Where are you seeing new cutting-edge thinkers looking in the future?

Throughout the discussion, each panelist agreed cloud-native is contributing to massive business shifts and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Dave predicted the gap between big businesses like Amazon and Walmart and smaller businesses will close significantly because of technologies like cloud-native. BOPIS and omnichannel experiences are essential for every business nowadays. Digital transformation is a big wake-up call to businesses of all sizes and will affirm the need for innovation and speed.

Rodrigo highlighted how data will offer customers, new business models, through analytics, ML, and AI. It’s all about how fast a business can harvest information from data. Businesses that use data analytics to provide more options to customers will differentiate themselves from competitors.

Marci thinks AR and VR will continue to redefine content experiences. AR and VR were strictly gaming platforms in the past, but now they provide users with immersive and bi-directional entertainment experiences. She is excited to see what innovation comes next based on AR and VR channels.

Gary believes providing customers with more independence is the future of business. Users want to gain knowledge from different sources and make decisions based on their own research. Companies will need to let go and allow customers to find their own solutions using different communication channels and automated services.

Watch On-Demand

DX Transform 2021 emphasized the explosive growth being seen in various industries due to cloud-native capabilities. Watch the full on-demand recording to learn more about the value of cloud-native when creating digital experiences!


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