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Understanding How to Successfully Leverage Drop-Ship Vendors for Your Business

In the newly published white paper, Top 6 Challenges of Drop Ship Vendor Management, we learn more about utilizing drop-ship vendor management (DSVs) and why they’ve become extremely popular for most organizations and retailers to expand their product range and test new products.

The white paper notes that DSVs can be an excellent addition to your business’ omnichannel fulfillment strategy, and while there are many reasons why harnessing the benefits of a DSV is great for your business, it’s also important to understand the obstacles that come with working with several different vendors. Brands and retailers alike should consider the following when working with multiple vendors, such as:

  • Service level agreements (SLAs) and vendor compliance
    • How can you provide a consistent level of service after incorporating a DSV into the mix?
  • Financial models
    • How will you pay your DSVs?
  • Data management
    • Do you have the right technology that can easily integrate with your DSV’s systems and processes?
  • Customer expectations
    • Have you reassessed and established expectations with the customer now that you’ve incorporated a DSV?
  • Customer returns
    • Have you worked out managing returns with your DSV?
  • Going out of business
    • Is your business prepared to shift if your DSV goes out of business?

Our Collaboration in this White Paper

Our Director of Commerce, Devanshu Sood, recently collaborated with our partner, Fluent Commerce, to write this thought leadership, as well as the first installation of this series. To learn how your business can overcome specific challenges when it comes to managing your DSVs and customer base, then download the white paper today. This way, you’ll be able to successfully manage your team of DSVs, expand your product range, and provide an easy shopping experience for all your customers. And for more information on our order management practice (OMS), contact our experts today.

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