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Perficient Mobile Solutions Colleagues Quoted in Forrester Report

Not All Texts Are Created Equal

Creating a seamless, intuitive digital experience across all devices is vital to attracting and retaining users in the increasingly competitive modern application landscape. In All In This Together: Make The Right Call When Deciding To Integrate Mobile And Web Development, Forrester examines “what’s possible today on the mobile web — and what isn’t.”

According to the Forrester report, 57% of enterprise mobility decision-makers have adopted progressive web application (PWA) technology, while 19% indicated that they have plans for future adoption. Stephen Griffin, Managing Director of Perficient’s Mobile Solutions practice, and Quincy Mitchell, Senior Solutions Architect, were quoted in the Forrester report.

Leveraging PWAs to Increase Mobile Conversions

The user journey is not linear. Users can be acquired through a variety of channels and increasing their level of engagement is a gradual process. PWAs provide an app-like experience through common web browsers and can be leveraged to build trust with new users, ultimately increasing conversions.

Forrester states that, “If you’re hosting a PWA, users will become used to the UI. If they visit frequently enough, it makes sense to provide an install link — for either the PWA itself or a feature-rich native app.” “Making the mobile app is the easy part,” said Stephen Griffin as quoted in the report. “Getting the users and keeping the users is the hard part. PWAs are… a good funnel; you can promote a user to the native mobile app”.

Enhancing the User Experience Across Devices with PWAs

According to the Forrester report, web apps “…[are] not able to replace all fully-fledged standalone applications.” Both mobile web and native applications are necessary to provide users with enhanced experiences across different devices.

“Because of COVID, our attention has been brought to screens; the desktop is more important than ever,” said Quincy Mitchell as quoted in the Forrester report.  “Multitasking on the desktop has been more of a priority, especially for consumer experiences. It’s a no-brainer to build the web app.”

Perficient’s Expertise in Mobile Solutions

Forrester interviewed leaders from Perficient’s Mobile Solutions team while researching this report. Perficient is excited to continue to share thought leadership and perspective on emerging trends in mobile application development. For more information, download All In This Together: Make The Right Call When Deciding To Integrate Mobile And Web Development (available for purchase or to Forrester subscribers) or contact our Mobile Solutions experts today.

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