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Perficient, Adobe, and IBM Discuss How Supply Chain Modernization Has Become a Top Priority

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BWG recently hosted a panel discussion with Perficient, Adobe, and IBM regarding business outcomes related to supply chain modernization. The significant increase and focus on eCommerce coupled with the recent news of the Adobe Commerce and IBM Sterling Order Management partnership brought these teams together to focus on supply chain modernization and prioritization. In the panel, Bill Friend, VP Sales, US & Canada, Enterprise Commerce at Adobe, Steve Gatto, Director of Digital Commerce Solutions at Perficient, and Seth Lytle, Senior Consultant of Technology & Strategic Alliances at IBM, focused on how leading organizations are using supply chain modernization initiatives to satisfy the modern consumer.

The discussion Enhancing the Commerce Experience: From Order Capture to Order Fulfillment, explored how creating a seamless commerce experience from order capture to order fulfillment helps brands drive five-star experiences.

The panelists discussed findings in a research survey conducted by BWGConnect about supply chain modernization. Research indicates there has been a substantial upward shift in priority for supply chain modernization initiatives. Merchants have been forced to implement new initiatives to meet the ever-increasing expectations of the modern consumer. Creating an easier process for consumers to monitor orders and shipping information is just the beginning.  Elements like cross-channel software communication, transparency of in-store & online inventory, and creative last-mile delivery tactics are key elements in modernizing supply chain processes. The challenge of managing inventory across all sellers is a massive pain point that merchants are actively looking to modernize. Inventory visibility, both internally and externally, is a major point of emphasis for both organizations & consumers.

Omnichannel Fulfillment on the Rise

For many B2C and B2B businesses, demand for products has exploded in the past 20 months. Omnichannel inventory management is becoming increasingly useful because it provides an accurate global view of inventory and allocates products based on demand. Sellers are starting to use their brick-and-mortar stores as warehouses to pick, pack, and ship products in response to high-speed consumer expectations. As supply chain continues to evolve, comprehensive inventory software that communicates across channels will become a must-have versus a nice to have.

Improving Order Fulfillment Workflow

As mentioned, Adobe Commerce and IBM Sterling Order Management recently announced a partnership to help clients meet growing consumer demand in order management. When companies can properly orchestrate the buying process from order capture to order fulfillment, they can reduce delivery times, enhance user interaction, and more.

“Order management can play an interesting role not just in inventory, but in order execution, and help manufacturers and distributors manage things like capacity,” said Steve Gatto, Director of Digital Commerce Solutions at Perficient.

These are just some of the important topics discussed during the 60-minute panel discussion. To learn more about how to create an experience-driven commerce environment watch Enhancing the Commerce Experience from Order Capture to Order Fulfillment or read the event summary.

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