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Perficient Chennai & Bangalore: Covid Vaccination Drive

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As part of its efforts to support colleagues through the pandemic, Perficient India took the initiative to conduct covid vaccination drives for its colleagues. Colleagues could register and get themselves and their families vaccinated with ease in a safe and comfortable space. Furthermore, Perficient reimbursed the cost of vaccination, not only for colleagues but for their families too.

The vaccine drive was welcomed by all colleagues. Many showed up, from senior management to new interns fresh out of college. Included in the program were the custodial staff who kept the Perficient campus functioning smoothly throughout the pandemic. Colleagues separated through the digital space got the chance to meet each other for the first time since the pandemic started. Greetings were made, Selfies were clicked, and banter was exchanged.

Chennai & Bangalore Colleagues Share their Views

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Rajesh Kaliyuga Varathan, Solutions Architect

“It was a smooth experience, and I registered to get my wife and I vaccinated in Chennai. The HR on the ground coordinated with us, and as a bonus, it was scheduled for a Friday, so I was able to recover from the shot over the weekend!

It’s an amazing culture where the organization looks after the employees and their families, and they, in turn, look after the clients!”


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Hem Pant, Technical Architect

“Very well coordinated drive. I honestly didn’t think the entire drive would be so hassle-free and convenient. We were even helped to register through the government’s COWIN app, followed by smart processing at the camp with a comfortable waiting area. Kokila from HR was personally there to support us. Taking selfies at the Covid Standee was a fun addition- I look forward to my next shot!”


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Kokila Kanniappa – HCM Generalist

“The vaccination drive was so helpful. I was worried about vaccinating the older folks at home, but every aspect was looked after, ensuring their comfort. It felt like a very safe atmosphere, and I’m grateful to Perficient for organizing this drive, not just for us, but for our loved ones too.”



Anjan Kumar, HCM Generalist


“It felt really good to see the impact I had by volunteering to help coordinate the drive. I got the chance to interact with and help colleagues, their spouses, their kids. It felt like I was part of one giant family.”




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Bharath Kadaba Nagaraju, Technical Consultant

“I’d like to thank Sumantra Nandi and Anjan Kumar from the HR team for organizing the vaccination drive. It was a surprise for us as we thought we would be guided by the Hospital staff, but Anjan introduced us and guided us. It showed how us how Perficient took responsibility for their employees and dependents. Thanks, Anjan!

We’re all safe now with all your help! Thanks, Team, and I’m proud to say we got vaccinated through Perficient.”




Beyond the Professionalism of the Vaccination Drive

The human element present was the differentiator, with volunteers making sure everyone felt safe. From guiding colleagues to the drive, ensuring safety measures, and checking on colleagues after they got the shot – they were present every step of the way. This was in no small way due to the meticulous planning that had gone into conducting the drives, and every detail was checked to ensure a smooth experience.


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Arun Ramakrishnan, Lead SQA Consultant

“Perficient provides end-to-end solutions, not only for enterprises but also for their own family. The Covid drive contributed by Perficient was like a one-click away that has safeguarded hundreds of families. A big thank you to Perficient for taking care of us.”



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Gowtham Kumar Devendra Kumar, IT Team

“I got directed to the location by our volunteers on the ground and was guided through the registration process. The waiting area was brightly lit and comfortable and felt very safe. A volunteer checked on how I felt after I got the shot, and even though I had come by myself, I never felt alone.

Thanks to the Perficient team for organizing an excellent camp!”

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Vishnu Aditya Ashok, Intern


“For the interns, this was their first experience of the Perficient warmth.”




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Ashok Revappa Tapasi, Technical Architect

“To save yourself and others from this Corona Pandemic, please get vaccinated soon… and We’ve proudly done our part! The drive conducted by Perficient was a smooth process. The staff was on time and made the drive easy and safe. Thanks to the Perficient family for helping us get vaccinated.”



With the second drive successfully completed and many of our colleagues fully vaccinated, one could feel the hopefulness in the air. The uncertainty and doubt of the past were being replaced by a feeling of better things to come.

One thing was clear:

We’re family, and like any family, we had each other’s back!

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  1. Big Thanks to Perficient Management for Vaccination event, taking care of employees and their families.

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