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Pega and Google Cloud Unite to Provide Personalized Healthcare Experiences

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The need for data interoperability is greater than ever. Approached strategically and at an enterprise level, interoperability presents a big win for healthcare organizations. It stands to turn data into a true strategic asset that can accelerate clinical, marketing, and operational excellence.

Healthcare organizations need easy-to-use technology to support the exchange of healthcare information and to be able to scale quickly to meet the fluctuating needs across systems and facilities to meet complex needs, like managing population health and addressing gaps in care.

Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine meets these demands using the core capabilities of the Google Cloud Healthcare API and BigQuery for robust processing. With Healthcare Data Engine, healthcare data is more immediately useful because it enables an interoperable, longitudinal record of patient data across clinical systems. Additionally, it allows healthcare organizations to align their clinical data for near real-time analytics and AI, simplify data access by third-party systems, and comply with security and data privacy regulations.

A new partnership between Pega and Google Cloud, announced last week, will unite the capabilities of Google Cloud’s Healthcare Data Engine and Pega’s suite of intelligent healthcare solutions, including Pega Care Management™, Pega Customer Service™ for Healthcare, Pega Sales Automation™ for Healthcare, and Pega Customer Decision Hub™.

Building off of the Healthcare Data Engine foundation, Pega can facilitate and optimize millions of individualized, data-based conversations between consumers and health organizations, including service and claims interactions, and care navigation activities.

The combination of these technologies can allow healthcare organizations to maximize the use of their data and make better real-time decisions around health equity, gaps in care, and population health; view the patient record over time; and support clinical trial management.

Why Perficient

We are a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Pega Authorized Partner, and our experts have helped the largest payers and providers in the U.S. build solutions that flatten silos, support meaningful consumer relationships, and accelerate business intelligence.

Ready to turn your data into an interoperable strategic asset? Let’s talk.

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Mary Porter

Mary Porter is a Marketing Coordinator at Perficient. She is on the Partner Marketing Team, aligned to Google, VMware, Boomi, Appian, Pega, and partner-specific DevOps, and is based in the St. Louis office.

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