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Optimizely CMS – Starting a new project with .Net Core

Optimizely CMS starting line

The Optimizely Digital Experience Platform DXP recently released CMS 12, which is built on the ASP.NET Core platform. Now known as .NET 5, this new development platform introduces many changes to how developers create new projects with Optimizely CMS. To aide this process, Optimizely released a new Creating a starter project guide. While the guide provides a general overview of some of the basics for you to create a new CMS project, my experience found it left some holes. After walking through the process a couple times, and talking with a few developers on their experience, I decided to add more detail to the Optimizely guide. My guide provides a little more explanation to some of the steps. It also adds a few extra steps that I feel help you complete the process.

Check out my article, Starting a new project with Optimizely CMS 12 and .NET Core, and post any comments and questions you have.

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