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Successfully Replacing Adobe Search and Promote with Coveo

How natural language search helps deliver personalization

Adobe Search and Promote will reach its end of life in September of 2022. Users will no longer have access to the administrative user interface and APIs will no longer generate results. So how do you successfully migrate off?

Adobe Search & Promote End of Life

Many organizations using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) have relied on Apache Lucene and Solr to power search. These open source tools have required developers to spend hundreds of hours creating custom code and building ranking models from scratch. Adobe Search and Promote aimed to simplify search deployment and management, but is now end of life.

Coveo for Adobe makes it easy to optimize site search. By combining machine learning alongside a rich toolset of connectors and UI components, organizations can quickly improve search and discovery across their sites, portals, and mobile apps.

So whether you find yourself needing to migrate or you’re just looking to maximize your search within AEM, Coveo can help.

Journey to a Better Digital Experience with Coveo

We recently joined Coveo and Cloudera to discuss the ever increasing importance of search, best practices for migrating off of Search & Promote, Coveo for AEM, and Cloudera’s migration journey.

Watch the on-demand virtual event and find out what you can do to create a better digital experience with Coveo.

Migrate off Adobe Search & Promote with Coveo

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