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How Personalization Will Continue to Dominate Martech for Healthcare

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By the year 2025, the global personalization software market is expected to grow from $6.7 million in 2020 to $1.8 billion. In fact, the martech landscape has grown 5,233% in the last 10 years, according to

In healthcare specifically, the demand for personalized and customized patient experiences continues to become prevalent. Today’s healthcare patients have access to a greater amount of health information than ever before – and yet still want more of that data used for their benefit.  Healthcare organizations that continue to invest in personalization can engage patients in their own care plans, thus driving better health outcomes while producing cost-saving measures.

Here are some ways that healthcare organizations can utilize the current trends in martech technology to achieve patient and business goals:

AI-Personalized Content

While it was a pipe dream a few years ago, it is now very possible to send recommended and customized content to target patient personas based on first-party data. For instance, if you have data that shows patients that are actively trying to quit smoking, you can send them content related to smoke-free habits and even special incentives to quit. Also, for patients that are pregnant, you can deliver both online and offline content focused on different stages of pregnancy and how to help them through different trimesters.

Creating Truth-Worthy Patient Profiles

Healthcare organizations need to know their consumers and patients better. In fact, it’s not only expected, it’s almost a normal (and competitive) business function.

A good example would be contactless engagement using virtual care services that perform care delivery across traditional ambulatory, acute, and post-acute care settings. By continuing to create seamless, personalized experiences during and in between treatments, organizations can gain better patient data and deliver on that data.

Triggered-Based Events

Using marketing automation platforms like Marketo, you can set up different smart campaigns that use specific trigger activities based on a consumer’s online actions. For instance, if a visitor to your website looks at specific health-related content, you can create a campaign that serves them related content and target them in additional marketing efforts. Additionally, you can create robust preference centers on your web assets that lets them choose the types of communications and topics of interest they would like to receive.

Want to learn more about the many ways you can utilize personalization in healthcare with martech? Contact us!

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Andrea Walker

Andrea Walker, MCE, is currently Perficient's Marketo Architect for the Adobe Business Unit. She has spent many years in digital marketing, marketing technology, and marketing ops for both in-house SaaS companies and working with clients in multiple sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and technology.

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