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Perficient Listed in Forrester Now Tech: Robotic Process Automation Services, Q4 2021

Discussing New Strategies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate high volume and repetitive tasks that previously required a human to perform. RPA enables the configuration of a “bot” or “digital workers” to capture and interpret tasks on existing applications such as processing transactions, transforming or manipulating data, triggering responses, and integrating with other digital systems. The most common use is leveraging RPA to enable employees to focus on higher value work by offloading routine work to digital workers.

As enterprises continue to invest in automation, experienced consulting partners play a key role in integrating RPA and supporting development of the automation fabric.

RPA consultancies help enterprises:

  • Accelerate value realization
  • Help scale your digital workforce
  • Link automation to broader transformation goals

Forrester defines RPA services as:

“Services that enable the robotic process automation (RPA) lifecycle, including consulting, solution architecture, governance and enablement services, bot design and development, bot management, and bots as a service, rendered either on-premises or as a service.”

Forrester Now Tech: RPA Services, Q4 2021 Report

Identifying the right RPA consultancy to partner with can help improve RPA’s impact on your business and drive value by helping you see its potential and avoid pitfalls.

In the report, Forrester segmented vendors based on annual RPA services revenue into three categories: large, midsize, and small. Each vendor was asked a number of detailed questions about their services, including geographic presence and industry expertise. Based on the responses, Forrester supplies information about these consulting partners to help you determine the best vendor for your RPA needs based on size and functionality.

Perficient’s Primary Functionality Lies in System Integration Services

Forrester listed Perficient as a small provider (less than $22M in annual revenue) in the integrated service provider functionality segment. According to the report, “Integrated service providers support the automation lifecycle. These providers offer RPA services throughout the automation lifecycle, from process selection to implementation to managed services. They partner with a vast ecosystem of ISVs that provide platforms like business process management, case management, and cognitive products and platforms. Some have also invested in building intelligent automation accelerators and platforms. “

Perficient’s listing in this Now Tech includes our geographic presence (90% NA, 10% LATAM), and vertical market focus areas (healthcare, financial services, and automotive).

Perficient’s Approach to RPA as an Integrated Service Provider

Perficient is elevating the automation conversation and is dedicated to bringing hyper automation to our customers. Our automation practice includes experts across the three core pillars of automation: process orchestration, RPA, and AI. This breadth of expertise enables us to help our customers realize the value of RPA across their entire enterprise and automate more than just a handful of processes.

Consider RPA for your organization if you experience the presence of high manual workloads, highly skilled workers doing repetitive tasks, a lack of end-to-end automation capabilities, legacy systems without APIs, a lack of governance, an inability to manage exceptions, and stalled RPA programs.

Learn More About Perficient

The digital world is constantly evolving, and you have an important choice to make when it comes to selecting your RPA consulting partner. To find out more, the report is available to Forrester subscribers and for purchase, and you can also explore our Intelligent Automation page.

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