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[Technology Tapas] Moving Into the Future With Confident Business Decisions

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Technology Tapas has been created to provide small, quickly digestible amounts of technical information geared toward the business user who may run across the topics in a business setting and want to have a base foundation of understanding.

Tapas topics will take no more than 10 minutes to consume, and we will include Topic Discussion and Business Application, as well as an area for replies & requests, upcoming topics, and a link for those wishing to follow up with a subject matter expert.

Today’s Topic: Developing a Business Strategy

Who doesn’t want to make better business decisions? And who doesn’t want to make better decisions faster, ahead of the competition? In the sea of opportunity, there is also an ocean of options.

Discovering what is best for your business can be intimidating. But you can develop a strong strategy and turn that strategy into an execution plan that makes sense. Here are some key components to consider:

  1. Know where you are headed – Define where your business is heading and why. Spend time assessing your ‘why’.
  2. Identify data assets – Make use of data and be confident in what it is telling you (and not telling you) by identifying data assets and how to use them in your strategy.
  3. Assess organizational readiness – If the strategy takes your organization out of its comfort zone, plan to invest in organizational change management to prepare and shepherd the organization through it.
  4. Focus on delivery – The best strategy in the world isn’t going to transform your business unless you can execute on it. Identifying how to get this done has to be a consideration. Perficient has digital transformation strategists and delivery leads with deep data experience will provide the expertise you need. And there are resources across the globe to make your strategy a reality.

You don’t have to tackle this alone. Let Perficient partner with you, bringing their expertise in all these areas, and more. With Perficient, you will start well and finish well. Contact our team to learn how you can get started.

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Donna Lough

Donna Lough is a Solutions Architect at Perficient, specializing in delivery excellence for data-centric projects such as data governance, data streaming, data warehousing, and data lake deployments.

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