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Tax Automation Process Tax Links for Avalara

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Are you confident your business is sales tax compliant? After the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the state in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., it’s not uncommon for tax compliance to come into question.

Our partner, Avalara, provides a cloud-based application that includes functionality to accurately calculate various types of tax including sales, consumer use, and VAT across a majority of the countries throughout the world. It is a web-based application that allows you to set up your companies, identify the jurisdictions in which you have nexus, enter customer exemptions, and define taxing rules specific to your business. It also employs a web-based REST server called AvaTax which accepts REST requests to calculate and store tax.

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As economic nexus is now in effect in every state which charges sales tax, it has become an even bigger challenge for most businesses to accurately charge tax and maintain taxability for various products and services. Currently, Avalara maintains the taxability of over 2,500 products and services along with the rates charged in more than 10,000 jurisdictions automating the Sales and Use tax calculation process.

Perficient’s dedicated tax technology practice can assist your business in reducing the aggravation and complexity of automating your tax processing using our proprietary Tax Links for Avalara, a suite of pre-built solutions that provide tax functionality to facilitate the calculation of sales tax, consumer use tax, and VAT in various Oracle EBS Applications, including Receivables, Order Management, Trade Management, Payables, Purchasing, Inventory and Projects.

Tax Links At Work

Perficient’s team of experts recently implemented Tax Links for Avalara for a leading provider of products and services for process control and flow control in the Manufacturing, Industrial Machinery & Equipment, and Electronics industries.

  • Strengthened and standardized controls that impacted tax processing and reporting
  • Streamlined and simplified transaction data entry to minimize the risk of entry error which could impact tax processing,
  • Improved the accuracy and efficiency of their sales tax calculation for Receivables Invoices
  • Improved tax data consistency, validity, and availability
  • Facilitated compliance with Sales and Use tax regulations for jurisdictions in which the client operates
  • Leveraged Avalara tax rules and tax rate content to eliminate or reduce maintenances of user-defined tax rules and tax rates
  • Provided audit support for tax compliance in business transactions

Contact Perficient to learn more about our Tax Technology practice and how the Tax Links for Avalara can be used to help your business automate your Sales Tax, Consumer Use Tax, and VAT tax compliance.

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Natalie Kepner

For 12+ years, Natalie Kepner has participated on teams integrating Vertex O-Series Indirect Tax Solutions (Sales/Use/VAT) powered by Perficient Tax Links with Oracle EBS R12 and R11i Order Management, Receivables, Payables, Purchasing, and Inventory. Her 20+ years of Oracle experience includes designing, developing, and customizing solutions for Oracle’s e-Business Suite and Oracle Cloud Applications Analytics and Reports.

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