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Sally Beauty Improves Same-Day Delivery with Three-Hour Delivery Feature

Perficient’s Order Management (OM) team helped Sally Beauty, a leading beauty supplier and retailer, accelerate its same-day delivery (SDD) to just three hours for all 1,990 stores across the United States. Our team of IBM Sterling Order Management experts helped create a solution that ties the communication points and functionality of the solution to work seamlessly in Sally Beauty’s current technology stack.

Why We Did it and How it Works

After seeing successful customer adoption with the rollout of this feature earlier this year for its B2B brand, Cosmo Prof, this recent addition came as a natural extension for its B2C brand, Sally Beauty. This feature provides convenience to Sally’s customers by increasing the speed of fulfillment to less than three hours for delivery without having to step out from their homes, especially if it’s for an occasion where the consumer needs the product immediately.

Faster SDD has become an important and popular feature for many retailers amidst the pandemic, which was also a strong driver for why Sally Beauty decided to implement and stay ahead of the competition. This three-hour delivery program ships merchandise directly from the physical store, improve speed-to-fulfillment for customer orders, and exceeds customer expectations by delivering products within little to no time. This feature finished rolling out to all stores in August 2021.

Other Benefits to the Feature

Additionally, on-demand carrier services such as Uber or Postmates delivers the product, allowing a retailer to use something readily available to them to avoid investing in and creating its own fleet of delivery services.

To learn more about our order management solutions for your business’ technology stack, contact our commerce experts today.

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