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Master Data Management: Modern Use Cases for Healthcare

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Your organization may face data challenges as you work through ongoing consolidation and a flood of data from new sources.

Master data is the cement that bonds your data foundation. 

Healthcare leaders are prioritizing an enterprise view and catalogs that contain true master data for patients, providers, or members. But they also want to master reference data (e.g., diagnosis, lab, medication codes, and others) that are equally important to providing consistent information and meaning across the organization.

Master data management (MDM) and reference data management (RDM) can unlock significant value for payers and providers.

Streamline Claims Payments ​With Reliable, Centralized Data​

An integrated healthcare provider struggled with claims that were being denied due to mismatched provider data across disparate repositories. The organization needed an automated way to align all data systems as one single source of truth.

Our agile leadership and delivery teams built a master data management (MDM) solution that ingests, cleans, compares, and consolidates data between various internal and external sources, proactively identifying mismatches for quick resolution.

The MDM solution reduced claims denials by 80%, accelerating the payment lifecycle and quickly providing value. Importantly, internal teams can now trust and leverage the data for greater business insights.

Maximize Business Throughput With MDM

​One of the largest payers in the northeast U.S. needed to maximize its sales team’s throughput and improve members’ renewal experience by de-duplicating member records and creating a single version of truth.​

We consolidated member data by implementing an MDM hub with Informatica and developed a data governance RAC. Trust settings publish to Salesforce.​

With data quality stewardship in place and a 360-degree view of member data, sales teams can now access associated contracts under each member, optimizing the renewal process and streamlining member service.​

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Master Well-Governed Data to Support Clinical, Operational, Financial Teams

New York State’s largest healthcare provider needed to provide accurate system-wide reporting across a variety of clinical and financial measures. This required a singular view of the clinical, operational, and financial data which is held in a complex network of disparate and inconsistent systems.

We helped this client create an enterprise data warehouse program and platform to provide a trusted, singular view of the data, supporting various teams across the health system. This engagement included creating the strategic vision and roadmap for the program and platform, implementing a comprehensive enterprise data warehouse, MDM and RDM system, and helping the payer grow capabilities to manage, run, and extend the platform and program moving forward. The MDM and RDM applications eliminate duplicate patient/provider records and gain control of the maze of code sets and other healthcare reference data that are critical for reporting and data governance.

The solution creates a trusted, single version of the truth to provide accurate data for various corporate initiatives covering nearly 10 million patients and spanning 65 million encounters.

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An End-to-End Partner

Healthcare organizations need to make informed decisions that will drive the efficiency of providing care. We blend healthcare, data, and platform expertise to help you build stronger teams, establish optimal processes, and deliver better care experiences and outcomes.

Have questions? Contact us today, and let’s discuss your specific needs and goals.

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