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Amazon Connect Health Check

Contact Centers are a critical component of every business as it is an entry point for its customers and a pivotal factor in creating a public image. Having a poor and frustrating customer experience can not only turn away existing customers but prevent future growth. The Amazon Connect Health Check can help with identifying subpar caller experience, pointing out contact center management inefficiencies, and recognizing gaps in Amazon Connect and AWS best practices.

What exactly is a Health Check?

As businesses scale and leverage the expanding cloud space, improvements and revisions of the implemented work often takes a back seat. This health check assessment offers a unique opportunity to have an impartial party evaluate the status of the Amazon Connect implementation, as well as the supporting AWS services and cloud infrastructure.

What is included?

Amazon Web Services - Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect
Avoid Contact Center Outages: Plan Your Upgrade to Amazon Connect

Learn the six most common pitfalls when upgrading your contact center, and how Amazon Connect can help you avoid them.

Get the Guide

Depending on the size of the Amazon Connect solution, its integration points, and number of environments, it can take between two to three weeks where the following areas are going to be inspected:

  • Contact flows (IVRs) and supporting Lambda functions
  • Reporting and analytics with Amazon Connect
  • Amazon Lex and self-servicing overview
  • Third-party integrations
  • Front-end analysis of custom Admin Portals and Amazon Connect CCP (softphone)
  • AWS Environment strategy
  • CI/CD recommendations

What do you get?

Once the health check has been completed, you will receive a detailed report covering the aforementioned areas:

  • Summary of your current implementation and supporting infrastructure
  • Identified problems and suggested next steps
  • Recommendations for areas of improvement
  • Suggestions on which additional Amazon Connect features to incorporate

How can Perficient help you?

If you’re interested in an Amazon Connect Health Check and need some guidance on improving your customer experience, contact center’s efficiency, or cloud contact center technology best practices, we can help. We are an APN Advanced Consulting Partner for Amazon Connect and which gives us a unique set of skills to accelerate your cloud, agent, and customer experience.

Perficient takes pride in our personal approach to the customer journey where we help enterprise clients transform and modernize their contact center experience with Amazon Connect and Amazon Web Services.

For more information on how Perficient can help you get the most out of Amazon Connect, please contact us here

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Matija Vrzan

Matija is a Delivery Director at Customer Engagement Solutions, focusing on Amazon Connect implementations and contact center migrations. His background spans 8 years, including Microsoft system administration, unified communications, Lync/Skype for Business telephony, DevOps, Azure, AWS, Twilio Flex, Agile delivery, and a little bit of everything else.

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