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Perficient Latin America, Best Agile Place to Work Nominee

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Perficient is a highly awarded company by clients, colleagues, partners, and communities where it operates. Perficient Latin America is thrilled to continue setting this high standard by announcing our nomination from the World Agility Forum (WAF) in the category of Best Agile Place to Work.   

The WAF is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to recognize companies worldwide for their effort, commitment, accomplishments, and dedication to achieving Agility.   

Being a nominee in the WAF’s category of Best Agile Place to Work further demonstrates our commitment to Agile values and principles, as the selection was primarily based on employee testimonials and customer satisfaction. In other words, people and culture.   

This year, 30 organizations applied and only 11 were nominated, and we are excited to be one of those chosen. “Doing the impossible by overcoming the obstacles” is this year´s WAF theme, and this particularly connects to Perficient Latin America’s beginnings, challenges, and key elements in our path to achieving Agility.  

Agile: Easy to Understand, Difficult to Implement  

Claiming to be truly Agile goes beyond a mere trend. Our path to achieving Agility has been full of challenges, but now we can proudly say and show that we are truly Agile. One key element that we have identified as a catalyst in our Agility path is our organizational culture. For us, culture is an enabler for Agile.   

At Perficient Latin America we believe that culture is not just a set of theoretical statements. Culture must be reflected in the day-to-day behavior of all participants, and it touches three key points that allow for Agile:  

  • Innovation: Our mindset and organizational culture are the perfect foundation for Agile. We have a discovery mindset that focuses on innovation, continuous improvement, testing, and learning. We set high standards in everything we do, and this goes back to the beginnings of Perficient Latin America: exploring unknown territories, creating a new future, and striving for constant evolution.   
  • Collaboration: Our teams are autonomous and designed for collaboration. This is key in Agile organizations. Teams are networks of individuals that are free to make decisions, question the status quo, experiment, partner to negotiate, and ultimately meet objectives. This perspective requires a culture based on respect, openness, integrity, and a commitment to greatness that is always achieved together, not in silos.  
  • Value creation: Our priority as an organization has always been customers, team members, and society. For this reason, people´s decisions in the organization are always oriented towards adding value. Having a clear purpose embraced by team members is critical to foster value creation. 

Next Steps? 

The WAF award winners will be announced on September 25th at the gala dinner in Lisbon, Portugal. Stay tuned for more news and connect with us on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

To learn more about Perficient Latin America DNA and culture, click here. And don´t forget to check out our Spotlight on Culture video as well.  

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