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Microsoft Announces Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise for Advancing Application Modernization


Application modernization and innovation has remained a top priority of enterprises for the past several years. The economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (and subsequent aftershocks) has only escalated this priority.

In a related post, we recognize the challenges of modernizing and migrating legacy applications, which include “legacy knowledge, custom-built processes, databases, and solutions that easily break and lead to unnecessary downtime.”

Additionally, the current market trends for application modernization and migration services reveal a “continuing shift toward modernization enabled by advanced cloud-native technologies,” according to Forrester.

This market and the dynamics at play have created an opportunity for our partners Microsoft and VMware. Announced at SpringOne last week, Microsoft is previewing an enterprise Java service called Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier.

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier (with VMware Tanzu Technology) is “a Microsoft managed service for Spring that offers enterprise-grade support, configurability, flexibility, and portability for enterprise developers.”

What This News Means for Enterprise Developers

Because Spring is among the most popular application development frameworks for Java, Microsoft has Basic and Standard Tiers of Azure Spring Cloud for environments ranging from development to production.

These services help developers build Spring Boot applications with a “focus on building application code (e.g., microservices) rather than pedestrian tasks like configuring infrastructure.”

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise Tier is designed to ease pain points for enterprise software development processes such as:

  • Increased expectations (from developers) for managed services that allow them to modernize applications under highly complex processes
  • An understanding of what developers can and cannot use, especially with increasing shifts to public cloud and balancing that with on-premises environments

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Ready to Help With Your Application Modernization and Innovation

As Microsoft Azure support for open-source platforms and services have increased, cross-platform expertise is a critical factor for successful cloud transformation. Considering the widespread adoption of Azure and popularity of Spring, Perficient offers a solution specifically for Azure Spring Cloud Application Modernization.

Our quickstart solution for Azure Spring Cloud supports your multi-cloud deployment strategy so that you gain the benefits of faster time to market, agility, lower costs, and full automation.

“Our teams accelerate the development and modernization of web apps and microservices with Azure Spring Cloud,” said Steve Holstad, Director, Microsoft Azure at Perficient. “With our expertise in cloud infrastructure, PaaS services, data solutions, cross-platform architecture, and solution development, we’ve supported numerous clients in financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. We’ve not only modernized applications but also developed comprehensive enterprise cloud strategy roadmaps to enable successful cloud adoption and expansion over time.”

Embracing Azure Spring Cloud provides flexible, native Azure integration and ease of managed services for Spring developers. This allows them to focus on providing business value and reducing time to market for new products and services.

Why Perficient

As a Microsoft Gold and VMware partner, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver application transformations using Java, open source, .NET, VMware Tanzu, and the Microsoft Azure platform. We’ve helped clients across industries develop strategic solutions and accelerate innovative cloud projects. Plug into our cloud, development, and application platform expertise to increase developer velocity and shorten delivery cycles.

Ready to advance your app innovation and modernization journey? Contact our team about this solution.

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