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Adobe Commerce Partners with Order Management Leaders

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Consumer purchasing behavior is ever-evolving due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In response, Adobe announced two new partnerships to meet growing customer demand in order management. The direct integration created with IBM Sterling Order Management and Adobe Commerce will provide merchants with a smooth order fulfillment workflow. In the same way, Adobe has also partnered with Fluent OMS, another leader in the order management space, to continue to offer robust features to merchants.

The new IBM Sterling Order Management and Adobe Commerce integration will make it easier for merchants to monitor orders and shipping information thus increasing order accuracy.

The article explains, “By combining the front-end capabilities of Adobe Commerce, with the back-end order management features of Sterling Order Management, businesses will be able to create engaging experiences that better manage orders and meet customer expectations, in real-time, to help instantly mitigate order fulfillment issues or customer experience disruptions.”

Ultimately, this new partnership is a game-changer in order management.

Multi-Channel Commerce Capabilities

Together, the seamless integration between Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source, and either IBM or Fluent, will create a leading customer experience platform for merchants. This omnichannel orchestration will reduce delivery times and costs by automatically routing orders to the best fulfillment location. While Fluent commerce OMS is positioned towards the mid-market and IBM to large enterprises, customers in both markets will experience advanced convenience.

Time is of the essence for businesses when fulfilling online orders because consumers lack patience. A research study conducted by found that about 60 percent of consumers would never shop with the same online store again if they had a poor experience. A slow website and poorly designed pages that lack product information contribute to their decision-making process. Therefore, a fast and user-friendly order management system is vital for business success.

Perficient Order Management Partnerships

Before the integration with leading order management systems, Adobe Commerce did not have an end-to-end solution from order capture to order fulfillment. It needed to have a streamlined solution in place to maintain customer engagement, growth, and profit. The IBM Sterling direct integration allows businesses to avoid time-consuming and expensive migrations.

Our Platinum Level partnership status and award-winning implementations with both Adobe Commerce and IBM make us uniquely positioned to support the Adobe partners on OMS. Using our commerce expertise, we will create an end-to-end solution from order capture to order fulfillment. At the same time, our commerce team also has a strong relationship and experience implementing Fluent OMS.

Overall, as our teams work to understand and utilize these integrations provided by Adobe, we are ready to bring these new, exciting benefits to our current and future customers. Reach out to our team to learn more.

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