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Execute for Outcomes in Healthcare

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You want to elevate the health of your consumers and drive the ongoing success of your transformation investments. Doing so takes staff commitment and know-how.

In our experience partnering with leading healthcare payers and providers on their transformation initiatives, we’ve witnessed the impressive benefit and value that strong project management, Agile leadership, and optimized delivery solutions add to adoption, delivery execution, and program success.

Let’s explore each of these three areas in a bit more detail.

Project Management Agile Leadership Optimized Delivery

Project Management

Ultimately, it takes an optimized blend of resources, planning, and forecasting to drive successful project delivery. Knowledgeable project managers help you thrive in tactical execution by balancing process with a keen ability to promote collaboration and buy-in.

Strong project managers will lead in ways that remain attuned to three domains of internal impact: a) organization, b) portfolio, and c) project. But that consideration also extends beyond your organization’s walls, too. We recommend a solutions-driven approach that holds the customer’s perspective and needs at the heart of consideration. Solutions-driven organizations and project managers strive toward the goals that matter most to consumers and, thus, matter to the organization as well.

Day to day, successful project managers provide solutions-driven governance that blends the ideal mix of plan, process, and people and keeps initiatives successfully on track.

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Agile Leadership

As organizations navigate disruptions and consumers take greater ownership of their own healthcare decisions, it’s important to remain nimble and carry a clear vision.

Your best project leaders will be passionately aligned to your overall strategy. They’ll also balance their healthcare expertise with a servant leadership style that supports your organizational culture through a serve-first mindset (rather than by brandishing authority).

Large-scale process transformations impact day-to-day duties, productivity, and team cohesion. So it’s vital to help your organization navigate and embrace change. That way, you can fully optimize outcomes for your consumers and drive greater business value.

DID YOU KNOW: Agile has been part of our operational DNA from the beginning, and we continue to embrace it today. In fact, part of what we love in our work with clients is helping your teams grow in their Agile maturity.

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Optimized Delivery

Fortunately, between in-house and partnered resources, your organization can leverage the right mix of staffing solutions to achieve efficient, consistent, cost-effective delivery of production tasks. Consider this: are there ways your teams could better focus on what truly drives success by leveraging skilled external teams? This is an area where Agile resources and seamless scalability can truly help you flourish.

Managed Services

Managed services can keep your IT and marketing operations running at optimal capacity. Supplemental, highly skilled resources take the busy work off your shoulders, helping with scenarios like incident resolution and service management, proactive management and analysis, and development capacity.

Managed services can add value to your initiatives and priorities in a variety of ways:

  • Business Optimization: Helps your staff stay focused on critical business needs and strategic initiatives while the we handle the complex IT situations.
  • Reduces Risk to Business: Offers industry knowledge in areas like compliance and security, giving you peace of mind.​​
  • Lowers Business Costs: Enables consistent service without the additional costs of maintaining personnel. MSO also helps minimize the chance of an expensive disaster.
  • Technology Enhancements: Introduces new technologies or functionality into the business seamlessly and efficiently, helping you stay on pace with customer and industry demands.
  • Proactive Support & Monitoring: Offers improved system performance, proactive monitoring, minimal downtime, and fewer glitches.
  • Improves IT Efficiencies: Provides access to highly skilled specialized resources with defined SLAs. Support is available days, nights, weekends, or holidays – 24/7.
  • Third-Party Vendor Management: Unlocks the ability to call one single vendor for all aspects of your solution.
  • Scalability & Availability: Makes it easy to scale up or down depending on demand. ​

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Domestic, Offshore, Nearshore Delivery… The Right Mix for You

Speaking of scalability and availability, you too can seamlessly combine offshore, nearshore, and U.S.-based teams to deliver impactful results. With the right partner, this approach can help you strike a healthy balance between cost, expertise, and proximity to perfectly meet your needs.

DID YOU KNOW: Our agile methodology and digital strategy have been proven and refined through hundreds of optimized delivery projects with leading brands across a variety of industries, including healthcare.

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A True Digital Transformation Partner for Leading Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations’ ability to accelerate transformation is crucial so your organization can adapt and flourish in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing landscape. We recently published a video that explores this opportunity:

We help leading healthcare organizations confidently drive project success while making the most of their budgets. We’re a partner that makes you stronger – leaders who teach and enable your teams to reach peak performance and accelerate consumer-centered outcomes. Our true end-to-end support keeps you efficiently moving forward. Extend your team with our experts and add day-to-day value where you need it most. Learn more about our transformational project delivery solutions, and contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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