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How to process multiple files simultaneously using Java Multithreading

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This use case describes how to process multiple files simultaneously by assigning number of threads on runtime.



  • Can assign N number of threads on runtime based on CPU utilization.
  • Can process all the files in less time.


Required applications to work on this use case

  • Using command prompt
  • Any IDE for Java


Problem definition

This document helps to solve technical challenges while processing multiple files by assigning threads to each file and process simultaneously.


Sample files to be processed



  • Get the list of all files in Array.
  • Assign number of threads.
  • Assign files equally to each thread.
  • Assign remaining files to the last thread.
  • Run all the threads and wait to complete execution of all the threads.




Console Output:


Thoughts on “How to process multiple files simultaneously using Java Multithreading”

  1. Vijayakumar Perumal

    Thank you for providing such a useful information on Java multithreading with short and crispy content and code. Looking forward to see more such technical information. 🙂

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