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Optimizely DXP Deployment API – Downloading Assets

The Optimizely Deployment API (Episerver.PaaS.EpiCloud) has helped immensely as I’ve been working on new projects, but there has always been something that has plagued me; copying down content/assets into my local environment.

When I say “Copying down Content,” I mean two pieces; Database and the Assets.

For the Database Export, I have created my ExportDatabase Script, which will utilize the API to generate a download file, and will also download the database to a local location.

Today, we will be talking about the hard part of this process; downloading Assets.

Visualization of the hierarchy of the terms Account, Container and Blob.

In this post, we will go through the following:

  • What makes up “Content” in an Environment and Why would you need to copy it locally?
  • What is Azure Blob Storage? How is it used in Optimizely?
    • What is an SAS Token?
  • How to Download Assets (script)
  • Conclusion


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