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Jumpstart Your B2B/EDI Management Platform with Perficient

Agreeing On Priorities For Their Project

In our previous blog How to Modernize Your B2B/EDI Platform with Boomi, we discussed the benefits of a modern B2B/EDI platform, Boomi’s platform capabilities, and seven tips to help get you started. In today’s blog, we will explore Perficient’s offerings to help your organization effectively integrate with vendors, suppliers, distributors, partners, and marketplaces.

Perficient is a Boomi Select Partner with deep expertise in key technologies that support IT modernization. Our training and consulting services can help you leverage Boomi B2B/EDI Management for your organization.

Boomi EDI Developer Training

Our Boomi Developer Training is focused on giving developers the tools to build, deploy, and manage Boomi integrations. For our Boomi EDI Developer training, specifically, developers will be trained in B2B/EDI foundations and how to create an EDI profile, including how to configure EDI Data Elements and EDI options. We will also introduce developers to EDI mapping, EDI envelopes, creating trading partners, and EDI document tracking and handling.

Throughout the training, we will provide guidance on designing processes that fit the needs of your organization’s specific use cases.



Design & Architecture Training

Through our Design and Architecture Training, we will instruct you on how to configure Boomi iPaas to support real-time integration and scales to meet the high-volume demands of EDI environments and best practices to ensure significant ROI. We will cover Boomi technical architecture, Boomi runtime architecture, and EDI architecture and communication methods.

We will factor in your organization’s specific needs to help architect an effective solution design and approach. We will also cover Boomi Flow, a cloud-native service for building and automating workflows to provide business value in record time, architecture and use cases.


Our Consulting services will help you define an integration and/or cloud strategy and work with your teams to design, develop, test, and deploy integrations according to best practices.

Why Perficient

Our expertise, coupled with Boomi’s innovative, cloud-native platform, delivers increased value, low cost of ownership, and drives better, faster outcomes for our clients.

To learn more about or services or to get started today contact us here.

For more on our Boomi partnership, click here.

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