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Purpose Driven Planning #4: The 10 Principles Of Success

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“Character is the real foundation for all worthwhile success” John Hammond

The reason why I decided to start off with this quote is because it’s firmly connected to what I’m about to share with you. The difference between character ethics and personality ethics.
I got this idea from reading the book “7 habits of highly effective people” which I highly recommend, but basically your character is related to your deep inner principles and values and
personality is more connected to surface level acting.

In recent literatures on self-improvement the main focus is on personality ethics, how to, in a lot of times, use techniques of manipulation and fake a lot of things when it comes to social interactions in order to make it. For example: “Take interest in what others are saying and ask them questions”.

Yes that’s all good but it’s all surface level, and what if it’s not in line with your core values, you’ll be only forcing it and faking it.

Character is more related to principles, integrity, honor, righteousness and it being so important I’ll share with you today’s tool of the day. The “top 10 purpose driven principles”.
This will be your mission declaration and it will be your primary driver and at the same time almost as sort of commandments that don’t change so that you can have a firm moral ground to change in other aspects because of the fast pace living we are a part of in today’s World.

I’ll share with you my top 10 purpose driven principles and the reasoning behind them so I might give some ideas and help you out, but these should really come out of your own character and be really thought through.

Purpose driven principle #1: I will stand up for what I believe in and protect my boundaries.

The reason why this is so important is because of a concept I picked up from dr. Gabor Mate and it’s called: “healthy anger”. What healthy anger represents is a defense of your boundaries, knowing how to say “no” to people, or “get out, you’re in my space!”. I’ll quote the doctor that “Anger unexpressed corrodes the inside.” So this principle is literally tied closely to your health as well.

Don’t mistake it with unhealthy anger which if expressed causes unhealthy side-effects like raised blood pressure, higher chances of getting a heart attack, and so on. That’s basically when you’re in rage mode, maybe your girlfriend is going on about her day, or boyfriend, and you decide to start screaming, yelling, cussing. There’s a difference between that and
knowing how to say “no!” either verbally or non-verbally and protect your boundaries.

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Purpose driven principle #2: Results is the name of the game.

Why this is so important to me is because nowadays from easily accessing somebody’s life you admire, and motivational videos, you can easily get lost in your emotions that you’re doing something, and you maybe are but you’re so lost in the work you don’t have any results and you mistake movement for achievement.

Purpose driven principle #3: I will take care of my health and my needs to the best of my ability every single day.

Whatever you do make sure that fitness and nutrition are at the top of your priority and at the base of your pyramid because that’s the only way I found having joy and wellbeing on your journey. If you’re not healthy and you don’t feel good, screw everything else.

I’ll also take the time to discuss the 80:20 rule with you when it comes to vacations and de-load weeks from grind mode. The 80:20 rule in my case is that base of fitness and nutrition, no matter if I go on a vacation I never stop eating healthy and getting at least some sort of physical activity because you never want to go full “screw it” mode. That’s just my experience and I’m trying to save you a lot of time for justifying to yourself going totally off course and “relaxing” and then regretting it later on.

Purpose driven principle #4: I am grateful and will to the best of my ability take action in accordance to my deepest values.

Here’s the trick on how to know your values I picked up from the “7 habits of highly effective people” book. Imagine It’s your funeral and your closest ones are giving their speeches about you. The
things they are mentioning in that speech are the values you find most important in your life.

Purpose driven principle #5: I will try my best to eliminate unnecessary pain and suffering

Purpose driven principle #6: You can fool me only once.

Purpose driven principle #7: I listen before I share my perspective.

Purpose driven principle #8: Without expecting anything in return I help and solve the problems of others and move them.

Purpose driven principle #9: I will not let things that are out of my control have a negative impact on me.

Purpose driven principle #10: I will plan my day to the best of my ability.

Now it’s your turn!

My top 10 purpose driven principles:

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