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Healthcare Consumer Engagement Post-COVID

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On June 22nd, 2021, Perficient’s Director of Healthcare Strategy David Allen joined forces with Susan Collins, Twilio’s Global Head of Healthcare Services, to discuss what they are seeing in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry, how customer engagement solutions are being utilized to new extents, and what the future holds for digital health as a whole.

As healthcare providers plan for a post-COVID-19 environment, consumers are more likely than ever to conduct a majority of their interactions with healthcare entities through digital pathways. This has led to a wide variety of technologies being knit together to drive expanded goals and even a technological arms race for healthcare consumer engagement, including but not limited to:

  • Personalization – Integrated platforms delivering messaging according to patients’ preferences.
  • Digital Marketing – Increasingly insight driven.
  • Virtual Health – Rapidly expanding array of options.
  • Interoperability – Mandates, expectations and prerequisites.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Data maturity that creates knowledge and channels.
  • Cloud Infrastructure – Ever more flexible deployments.

However, with the extensive implementation needed to conduct business at the scale of enterprise healthcare payers and providers, we are seeing the challenges of investing equally across them all. For example:

  • 57% of healthcare executives indicate substantial investment in AI in the next 3 years,
  • 90% of marketing departments say personalization is the key to advancing consumer relations,
  • And 60% of patients want to continue to use technology more to communicate with providers in a post-COVID environment.

So, what does this mean? – It means a less transactional, and more human experience has never been more important!

The clients who are seeing the most success are those that have a clear understanding and approach when it comes to toolkits, teams, and overall vision. Healthcare entities need to have flexible, extensible, and compatible platforms and applications in today’s rising hybrid ecosystem. They need to possess connected, collaborative, and motivated teams with a big picture mindset. And, have a consistently understood, adaptable vision that is visibly adhered to or openly adjusted.

In our next blog we will highlight the conversations and insights that both David and Susan had around setting up virtual health as a lens to view customer engagement!

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Perficient is a Twilio Gold Consulting Partner with certified engineers and years of experience delivering customer engagement solutions. Our contact center experience can accelerate innovation with Twilio, while our cloud expertise lets us create powerful solutions while maintaining business agility and flexibility.

To learn more about our Twilio practice and get in contact with our customer engagement team please visit our Twilio Partner Page!

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