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Healthcare PowerByte: Virtual Health – Creating Easy, Seamless, Loyalty-Building Experiences

Tara Becker and David Allen, Perficient healthcare experts

The proliferation of virtual health is crowding an already-busy patient and member journey with new options. By smoothing and optimizing the growing array of digital touchpoints, you can truly differentiate your brand and forge better care experiences.

Virtual health experiences stand to be a differentiator for healthcare organizations. After all, consumers prefer encounters where they feel well cared for – where the journey is frictionless, empathetic, and designed for them.

Two of our healthcare experts, David Allen and Tara Becker, explore this potential in our most recent 8-minute PowerByte video, Virtual Health: Creating Easy, Seamless, Loyalty-Building Experiences:

Video Player Virtual Health Journeys

Clients often approach us overwhelmed by the new considerations that virtual health’s evolution adds to their integration, consumer experience, and data needs. We’re here to help you rethink ways to make your consumers’ lives easier throughout every point of their virtual health journey – and to put that strategy into action. Leading healthcare organizations trust us to jump start success and drive better experiences for their consumers, care teams, and business leaders.

What virtual health challenges and goals are top of mind at your organization? Let’s talk.

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