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[Podcast] LightsOnData

Season 2 of Perficient's Intelligent Data Podcast

The majority of key business decision makers aren’t data gurus. It’s crucial for CEOs, CDOs, and other organizations to be able to understand their data to be able to make important business decisions.

In season 2 episode 5 of the Intelligent Data Podcast, host Arvind Murali and his guest George Firican, Data Governance and BI Director for The University of British Columbia and founder/ content creator for LightsOnData consulting, discuss three core skills of data governance practitioners, data as an asset, and dark data.

Listening Guide                         

  • Three words to describe data governance [6:18]
  • Treating data as an asset [8:07]
  • Engaging in data conversations with non-technical people [11:44]
  • Three categories for the need for data governance [16:26]
  • The importance of understanding data literacy [19:59]
  • Dark data [23:49]
  • LightsOnData [28:41]
  • Data Science & BI [33:39]
  • The future of data governance [35:44]


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Connect with the Host and Guest

Perficient Intelligent Data PodcastArvind Murali, Perficient Principal and Chief Strategist

LinkedIn | Perficient



George FiricanGeorge Firican, Data Governance and BI Director for The University of British Columbia



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