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Perficient Releases Exciting Product Information Management (PIM) News

Zero Based Budgeting with OneStream

Our product information management (PIM) experts at Perficient are dedicated to enhancing your commerce strategy by leveraging your data to produce quality product content for your users. To continuously deliver on this promise, we’re excited to announce not one, but two resources to assist your PIM strategy, our State of Product Information Analysis Assessment, and our guide, The Power of PIM: Achieve Experience-Driven Commerce With Product Information Management.

The Guide to PIM Excellency

Your customers deserve accurate product information through each step of their buying journey, making the need for an interconnected omnichannel experience that influences purchasing decisions more prevalent than ever. This means your business must shift towards an experience-driven commerce approach to successfully compete in the digital world. To support this approach, you should invest in a PIM system to enhances productivity, improves sales and marketing, manages product data, and create a better purchasing experience for your customers.

This guide touches on:

  • Defining experience-driven commerce and what it means for your customers and your business
  • Examining how PIM is a key pillar in your strategy to elevate your customer experience
  • Exploring the value of PIM when creating experience-driven commerce throughout each stage of the buying journey
  • Outlining the advantages PIM provides in not only creating that first-class customer experience, but also how it benefits your business goals

The Assessment to Analyze Your Product Data

Quality product information is an important piece to your customers’ buying journey, and if you’re lacking it, then your buyers may look elsewhere to purchase what they want or need.

That’s why we created the State of Product Information Analysis jumpstart assessment. This assessment will help you determine and understand the state of your organization’s product information and its impact on the commerce journey, as well as identify the current state of your data quality, provide recommendations on next steps, and more. This four-week engagement will help you provide up-to-date product information for all your users.

After four weeks, you’ll receive:

  • An audit analysis
  • A data scorecard
  • Options to move forward with assistance in correcting issues
    • Data cleansing
    • System or process improvements
    • Product content prioritization and necessary resources
  • Conversion lift and cross-sell
  • Better commerce experience for your end consumer

Enhance Your Commerce Strategy, Invest in PIM

At Perficient, our PIM experts are passionate about helping you create a commerce strategy that benefits your buyers by leveraging the power of PIM. You can learn more about the value of PIM and how it supports an experience-driven commerce approach by downloading our guide, or contacting our experts for more information on getting started with our PIM jumpstart.

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