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How Telehealth is Enhancing Healthcare and Patient Communication

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BWG Connect recently conducted a modernization survey of more than 100 healthcare executives, and, together with Perficient and Adobe, has published its findings in the report, Digitizing the Patient and Healthcare Experience. The findings analyze how healthcare organizations are improving client and patient outcomes with rapid improvements to self-service, remote functionality, and personalization.

The Pre-Pandemic Patient Experience

The legacy doctor and patient engagement model centers on the availability and expertise of a healthcare professional. Pre-pandemic, patients received most of their medical care at their doctor’s convenience. However, out of necessity, the pandemic has accelerated the shift to a more digitally-enabled, patient-centered care experience – providing care to the patient where they are and when they need it.

“Once you give consumers a taste of being in the center of the engagement model, once that genie is out of the bottle, it is incredibly hard to put it back in,” said Tom Swanson, head of industry strategy & marketing at Adobe.

The Future of Digital-First Care Delivery

As is well known, this digital-first approach gained exponential traction as a response to Covid-19.

“Covid was the Chief Digital Transformation Officer for a lot of healthcare organizations,” said Paul Griffiths, principal of digital health strategy at Perficient. “We saw five years of innovation happen in weeks, not months.”

In many cases, remote care and telehealth have proven themselves as reliable, viable models for delivering empathetic, engaging healthcare experiences. These and other trends are changing how healthcare is delivered.

Throughout the survey, self-service was celebrated as a win-win, with an impressive percentage of respondents viewing it as a high-priority initiative over the next 12-24 months. Healthcare organizations are also hardening their long-term strategies around remote patient/customer experiences, and healthcare consumers show clear signs of interest in managing preferences and receiving customized care.

Want More Answers?

To learn more about how modern trends are changing the healthcare system, read the full report and watch our on-demand discussion,  Digitizing the Healthcare and Patient Experience.

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